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30th Anniversary
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Prefix Number Plates

Number plates that have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

Current Number Plates

Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they follow the 2 digit year identifier, 3 letters format, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).
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Dateless Plate

Dateless Number Plates

Registrations which can be transferred to any age of vehicle, for example 70 NNX.
Did you know that all our registrations can be supplied on a Retention Certificate at no extra cost? The majority can be issued in your name and address, and are valid for 10 years.
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Investment Number Plates

With interest rates at an all time low, investors are looking for innovative investment opportunities to generate a financial return.

Investing in Personalised Number Plates is a popular alternative to traditional savings and investment opportunities. 

Each personalised number plate created is unique and the popularity along with the plate’s monetary value is likely to increase over time. 
The trick is to be strategic in plate selection and consider what registration plates will be in demand in the future therefore making it easy to re-sell. You need to look for plates that have a broad, enduring and long lasting appeal. 
The number plates that are more likely to offer better returns are short and form the names of people or occupations. Buying a number plate now for investment could be a very sensible idea currently, with the launch of the new “F” car registration. The “F” car registration offers a new range of investment opportunities. In the end is all about “profit” and selecting the correct number plate to make you that substantial profit.  
Speedy Registrations have a wealth of knowledge with regards to which plates are potentially suitable for investment, for example popular name number plates.
Did you know that a plate bought in 2003 for just £3200 is now worth £9500, for example WKE 11Y

Please contact us for more information on 02866 387124

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