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Car Registration Valuation Guide

Accurate, realistic valuations of what UK vehicle registration numbers are worth in an open market requires a special combination of human and machine-generated intelligence.

The keys to accurate valuations are a great deal of experience in knowing what buyers seek in registration numbers to personalise or brand their vehicles or meet sound investment criteria, supported by special computerised databases which crunch massive amounts of data very quickly. The human expertise and the number-crunching capabilities of the computer combine to achieve realistic figures.

Dealers - or independent investors - just cannot survive in a market worth over £10 million annually with such intense competition unless they can put realistic values on their inventories, purchases and sales. Unlike equities, there are few obvious market movements, and the irregular auctions do not reveal such clear trends as is the case with sales of art, antiquities or collectibles.

Because the market is driven by so many different factors and involves different buyer motivations for virtually every individual transaction, we need advanced IT database management skills coupled with a lot of hands-on dealing experience. We can explain some of the many factors affecting the value of any registration numbers, but there must still be considerable research and knowledge built up over many years to get even close to a realistic valuation.

Even auctions staged by the DVLA produce many surprises - even for the experts - when unexpected buyers emerge with particular personal interests in a number and will push the bidding beyond what had been anticipated.

There is no typical buyer of cherished number plates!

So an added factor in making valuations is the knowledge of how to bring willing buyers and sellers together to strike a deal.

Can you beat the experts?

Expert number plates


  • To get an idea of the factors contributing to accurate market valuations, guess what price you would put on each of the plates above, and then check below how well you have done. We explain some of the factors taken into account to arrive at our expert calaculations.

These plates range in value by thousands of pounds, influenced by their rarity, how they spell out names by combining letters and numbers, their associations with events or places, their humorous content, their ages, and many other factors. Even the location of the mounting screws and spacing of the digits in conformity with DVLA number plate specifications can make a significant difference.

So beware of valuations that try to add real value through such illicit tricks as using screws to link two "I" digits to give the illusion of an "H", or by changing the spaces and groupings to try to spell out a name. The DVLA standard is absolute and you must follow the rules or risk very heavy fines and endless hassles, particularly with plate recognition becoming more common on the UK's roads.

Here are the numbers again, and our valuations and reasons:

Expert number plates

These plates range in value from £550 to £20,000 - can you put prices to them - and why?


Big IIThe valuation of £9,900 reflects the fact that, from a distance, this registration can appear to look like BIG 1. The real BIG 1 is currently for sale at £149,000, so this is a far lower cost alternative. Eleven is inherently valuable on plates because, with all the other single digits no longer available, the two one digits together have become the most sought after and distinctive two-digit combination. Being located in Northern Ireland, we have unique access to registrations featuring double ones, which can be combined very effectively to create words.

KOI 9This old Northern Irish plate is also valued at £9,900 because of its rarity. It was never available through the DVA auctions (the DVA is the equivalent in Northern Ireland to the DVLA which handles vehicle registrations in the rest of the UK). KOI 9 was acquired specially by Speedyreg.co.uk and has enhanced value because other numbers appealing to koi fish enthusiasts have their impact reduced by distracting letters or numerals.

LOU I5VThe valuation of £6,900 is because this plate spells the popular name of Louis (the numeral 5 representing the final S). Anyone with genealogical links to King Louis the Fifth of France, or with business, academic or collecting interests relevant to the French monarchy, will be attracted to this unique number also. What a prize it is for a specialist antique dealer or a direct descendant of French royalty!

A16 NDASpeedyregs Office Manager Alanda prizes this plate, which spells out her name. Originally purchased from the DVLA for £250, it reflects the investment potential for registration numbers with its current valuation of £20,000. That figure is influenced by the popularity of Alanda as both a girl's and business name. Google Alanda and you get over eight million results, led by hotels, clubs and realtors.

DE51 ELTAt a valuation of only £550, this is an economical number which is used for in-house fun on a Speedyreg.co.uk van. It represents the name of Speedyreg CEO Des Elton and illustrates that, with a little imagination and creativity, it is possible to find a reasonably priced number plate to personalise for yourself or as a gift, or to mark special occasions - such as a retirement or promotion - or to promote a business.

We value thousands of registration numbers every month and have been doing so for over 30 years. So our pricing is both accurate and very competitive, resulting in a large proportion of our sales being to the trade. Many other dealers rely on our expertise, so we are a safe and cost-efficient service whether you are buying or selling.

If you want make or save money with registration numbers, keep returning to this and other sections of www.Speedyreg.co.uk as we share some of the tips of our trade.

Experiment by putting your number plate preferences into our database and see what comes up. Phone one of our experts anytime for further advice and suggestions without any obligation.

In every case the graphic displayed on these pages from your database search will be an accurate depiction of how the plates will look if they conform to the DVLA, DVA and EU standards.

You must only buy legal plates if you want to avoid endless problems with plate recognition cameras, police and traffic wardens.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Speedyreg is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.

Speedy Reg has been ranked 9.7 out of 10 in 529 customer reviews at TrustPilot

SpeedyReg is registered with the DVLA as a Registered Number Plate Supplier to supply physical number plates. i.e. the actual acrylic plates. SpeedyReg is a recognised reseller of DVLA Registrations.