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Car Registration Valuation Guide

How do you put a price on a vehicle registration?

It is done with a combination of years of experience in the business, age and rarity of the particular registration, popularity of the name or initials,  comparable and historical prices, and the desirability of the registration. For example, one letter, one number or low numbers would be more sought after.

It's very interesting watching a DVLA auction, it's not uncommon for a plate to massively exceed the valuation. You just can't predict these things sometimes. Of course some plates obviously spell out a word that you know is going to be popular, it doesn't take a genius to work out that a plate such as 25 O is going to be pretty valuable. Plates that spell out common names are also going to come with a high price tag, but sometimes you'll get people bidding against each other for plates you wouldn't personally look twice at. People have their reasons though, their initials, their date of birth or some detail that represents their business and they'll pay whatever they have to, to secure that plate for themselves. People choose plates for some very obscure and diverse reasons!

Here at Speedy Reg we've got over 30 years of experience, valuing thousands of plates every single month. It's this invaluable experience that means the prices you see on our site are accurate and competitive.

Do you want to try your hand at being a Number Plate Valuer?

Just for fun, take a look at these plates and decide what you think they are worth. We'll give you a clue, they range in price from £40 to £95,000

O 11 11 O 601 DS RIG 7278 XIJ 8 AMY 1J

Have you made your decision?

Okay now we'll tell you the actual value of these plates and a little about how we came to our decisions...

O 11 and 11 O
Valuation: £95,000 per registration

O 11 is an original 1904 Birmingham registration; the 11th registrations issued by the local authority. When 11 O came up for sale in December 2010, Des Elton, CEO of Speedyreg snapped it up, having acquired O 11 many years ago.

 11 is a special number for many reasons; it is the first of the Master Numbers in numerology and is marked as an important stage in human evolution. Des Elton believes these two number are the best palindromic pair of number plates on the UK market today.

601 DS
Valuation: £9900

With a current valuation of £9900, DS is one of the most sought after pairs of letters, however the price is increased due to the fact that it is also spells GOLDS. It would be perfect for Dave Gold of West Ham United

RIG 7278
Valuation: £40

Valued at a bargain basement price of £40, this is a fine example of a cheap current issue registration that has a huge long term investment value with potential sales to Rigby's and Oil Rig Workers. Don’t forget, back in 1988 GIL plates were selling for £50 now they are selling for £890+

Valuation: £2,600

Valued at £2600, this is a good example of a short original Irish plate from County Down. Appealing to Jaguar owners or the Classic Belfast motorist looking for that distinctive look for their car

Valuation: £7,500

For sale at £7500 this plate is perfect for anyone called Amy. With Amy being one of the most popular baby names at the moment, here's a great opportunity to celebrate your own little Amy with a new plate