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Retro Number Plates

Do you have fond memories of childhood, your old family car or maybe the number plates that were locally available in your area when you were a kid?

Retro number plates are a perfect way to embrace nostalgia. Why not consider getting personalised number plates for your car inspired by the number plates you remember from back in the day?

A retro number plate can be used to add a personalised touch to a modern car in place of a traditional number plate, adding something special to help your favourite vehicle stand out. If you’re a fan of restorations or vintage cars, a vintage number plate may be the final piece of the puzzle to achieving a truly authentic restoration on retro vehicles.

Speedy Reg have a wide range of personalised number plates covering everything from your name, favourite football team, job, hobby and more - but for something a bit different, check out our range of retro number plates inspired by the Irish Number Plate registrations which were regionally available in Northern Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s

Here are a few examples of our favourites:

1980's Retro Number Plates     

FIB 7490  - Armagh 

CBZ 9797 - Ballymena

BXI 198 - Belfast

DIW 3993 - Coleraine

ABZ 4406 - Downpatrick

FIL 3017 - Enniskillen

BUI 2307 - L'Derry

DJI 1190 - Omagh


1990's Retro Number Plates

ELZ 5278 - Armagh

IDZ 1908 - Ballymena

BAZ 9500 - Belfast

NIW 2400 - Coleraine

EBZ 3575 - Downpatrick

NIL 3188 - Enniskillen

DUI 8516 - L'Derry

RJI 1882 - Omagh

If you're feeling inspired by our retro-themed number plate suggestions, why not use our handy Irish Releases facility below to see if we have a number plate that brings back memories for you? Simply type up to 3 letters into the filter box or select the issuing office and browse through

Irish Releases

LettersTypeIssuing OfficeReleasedCompletedAction

 Our vintage inspired number plates would also make the perfect gift - if you're looking for a Christmas or Birthday present for a child of the 70s, 80s or 90s, they might appreciate some nostalgia to personalise their car!

If you can't find the plate you're looking for, please just get in touch - we're always happy to help.