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Private Number Plates

Private number plates have always been associated with the rich and famous. For example in a recent DVLA auction there was huge speculation that a member of the Royal family would purchase HRH 1. However it was a Berkshire-based businessman who bought the regal-sounding 1 HRH as he had been "determined to keep it in British hands".

The popularity of personal number plates  has risen in recent years, as more and more people now want their vehicle to stand out from the crowd. People from all walks of life can now enjoy private number plates thanks to the Internet and online providers.

At Speedy Reg we can offer a large selection of private, personalised and Irish number plates. Simply let us help you find the perfect private number plate for you or a loved one as a personalised unique gift.

Some of the reasons people want to purchase a Private Number Plate are:


  • To hide the age of their vehicle
  • To add their name or initials to their number plate
  • To add their business name to their number plate


With so many private number plates to choose from, finding your new registration will not be hard. If you are having any difficulties you can find inspiration from our smart search facility where you can search your name, initials, car make or even your pets name. Private Number plates will either be held on Donor Vehicle or held on a Retention Certificate. If the private number plate you purchase is held on a Donor Vehicle, it is important to note that you will need to supply vehicle documents for transfer, ie vehicle registration certificate and MOT certificate. However if the private number plate is held on a Retention Certificate then you will not need to supply vehicle documents immediately as it can be held until you obtain your new vehicle.

When purchasing number plates you must bear in mind that if you purchase a dated registration you cannot make your vehicle look younger. The DVLA state you can not transfer a registration onto a registered vehicle, as this will not make your vehicle appear younger. However you can make your vehicle look older and therefore you will be able to transfer a registration onto a registered vehicle. There is also no problem in transferring a registration onto a motorbike, as long as its currently road taxed and MOTed.