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Personalised and Private Number Plates

Speedy Registrations are one of the largest UK suppliers of personalised number plates, managing over 100,000 registration numbers from clients daily, along with 60 million registrations from government stock. We also have our own stock of more than 25,000 registrations which nobody can beat on price.

If you’re looking for Cheap Number Plates, some of our personalised number plates start at just £25 +VAT, plus the government transfer fee (currently £80).  

We’re also the UK's biggest supplier of Irish Number Plates, so if you fancy a BIG plate, or a KAZ plate, we are your best and fastest supplier. They don't call us Speedy Reg for nothing, and our TrustPilot reviews show thousands of testimonials from happy customers.

Dateless Number Plates

Dateless plates do not have the same restrictions as other plate types - they can be assigned to any vehicle. They are made up of a group of up to 3 letters and up to 4 numbers, either way around - i.e 381 KWP or KWP 381.

You will get the best results to view if you search for either letters OR numbers - i.e. searching for any BAZ plate or any plate with a 911 number. Registrations with fewer letters or fewer numbers are rarer than 3 letters with 4 numbers

RJI 311
BS AU 145d
Current Style Numberplates

This is the style currently available when you buy a vehicle now. Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they have a 2 digit year identifier, and 5 available letters, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).

BS AU 145d
Prefix Number Plates

Prefix number plates were issued up until March 2001 and have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

BS AU 145d

What are Personalised Number Plates?

Personalised Number Plates (also known as Private Number Plates) are registration plates that are transferred onto vehicles by their owners to replace the vehicle's original number plates. 

The owner of the vehicle will have paid to have his or her own choice of numbers or letters (from the choice available), usually forming a recognisable phrase, slogan, or initials to make it a personalised number plate. 

When a vehicle's owner purchases a private number plate, it replaces the vehicle's original registration plate.

Since 1963, in England, Scotland, and Wales, every registration number plate has a date stamp: letters or numbers that can be used to identify what year the number plate was released, You can't use a number plate that makes your vehicle look newer than it is, so if your vehicle was first registered in 2015, you can't put a 2019 registration plate on it.

Why Buy a Personalised Number Plate?

1. Express Yourself

You can choose something that suits you – whether you want to pick a registration that matches your name, your favourite football team, a hobby or loved one. Whatever the reason, it’s a great way of personalising your vehicle.

2. Number Plates Disguise Your Vehicle’s Age

It’s against the law to buy a number plate that makes your vehicle appear younger – but you can get yourself a dateless number plate so nobody will know how old your vehicle is by looking at the number plate! 

3. Easy to Remember

If you have a personalised number plate, you’ll know it off the top of your head! No more having to double-check it when filling in forms, or when you’re asked for it. You’ll know it because you picked it yourself!

What Types of Personalised Number Plates are there?

Suffix Number Plates 


(perfect for Julie Patterson)

KOP 150E

(perfect if you are a Liverpool fan)

Suffix number plates were issued between February 1963 and July 1983. They consist of three letters followed by 1,2 or 3 numbers, followed by a year letter, for example ETH 290V. The letter at the end of the registration plate is used to identify the vehicle's age.

Prefix Number Plates 


(perfect for Leanne)


(perfect for McIvor)

When the suffix cycle finished, they repeated the process but instead placed the year letter at the beginning of the registration, giving us "Prefix" number plates. 

Prefix number plates were used from the August 1983 until August 2001.

Suffix Number Plates

A 1st Feb 63 - 31st Dec 63
B 1st Jan 64 - 31st Dec 64
C 1st Jan 65 - 31st Dec 65
D 1st Jan 66 - 31st Dec 66
E 1st Jan 67 - 31st Jul 67
F 1st Aug 67 - 31st Jul 68
G 1st Aug 68 - 31st Jul 69
H 1st Aug 69 - 31st Jul 70
J 1st Aug 70 - 31st Jul 71
K 1st Aug 71 - 31st Jul 72
L 1st Aug 72 - 31st Jul 73
M 1st Aug 73 - 31st Jul 74
N 1st Aug 74 - 31st Jul 75
P 1st Aug 75 - 31st Jul 76
R 1st Aug 76 - 31st Jul 77
S 1st Aug 77 - 31st Jul 78
T 1st Aug 78 - 31st Jul 79
V 1st Aug 79 - 31st Jul 80
W 1st Aug 80 - 31st Jul 81
X 1st Aug 81 - 31st Jul 82
Y 1st Aug 82 - 31st Jul 83


Prefix Number Plates

A 1st Aug 83 - 31st Jul 84
B 1st Aug 84 - 31st Jul 85
C 1st Aug 85 - 31st Jul 86
D 1st Aug 86 - 31st Jul 87
E 1st Aug 87 - 31st Jul 88
F 1st Aug 88 - 31st Jul 89
G 1st Aug 89 - 31st Jul 90
H 1st Aug 90 - 31st Jul 91
J 1st Aug 91 - 31st Jul 92
K 1st Aug 92 - 31st Jul 93
L 1st Aug 93 - 31st Jul 94
M 1st Aug 94 - 31st Jul 95
N 1st Aug 95 - 31st Jul 96
P 1st Aug 96 - 31st Jul 97
R 1st Aug 97 - 31st Jul 98
S 1st Aug 98 - 28th Feb 99
T 1st Mar 99 - 31st Aug 99
V 1st Sep 99  - 29th Feb 00
W 1st Mar 00 - 31st Aug 00
X 1st Sep 00 - 28th Feb 01
Y 1st Mar 01 - 31st Aug 01


Current Number Plates


(perfect for Ms Bitch)


(perfect for Mr Farzad)

After using the "Prefix" and "Suffix" method, the DVLA introduced a new scheme for dating number plates. This current style of registrations has been in place since 2001, and is expected to last around 50 years.

Registration numbers released in March go from 02, 03, 04, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 etc, while those released in September start at 51,52, 53, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 etc, with the numbers appearing in the middle of five letters.

Dateless Number Plates 

38 MYC

Before 1963, vehicle registrations didn’t have an age identifier, and these plates are known as “Dateless”. Any vehicle can have a private number plate that is dateless, because it doesn’t make the vehicle look like it was registered in a different year. This is completely legal, and often these dateless registration plates can be very valuable, e.g. 1 LYT or TL 9.

Since dateless registrations haven’t been released since 1963, dateless private plates tend to come at a premium price, particularly those with desirable letters and numbers.

This is the option for you if you don’t want to include the year identifier – ideal for hiding the age of your vehicle.

Irish Number Plates 

DSZ 1200

Northern Ireland continues to use dateless registrations. This makes them highly desirable because they are a dateless number plate that is still being issued today, resulting in affordable private number plates that can be used on any vehicle.

The main difference between an Irish registration and a traditional dateless plate is that Irish plates will contain an I or a Z, whereas dateless plates from the rest of the UK do not.

Speedy Reg are the UK’s leading seller of Irish private number plates, starting at just £40 + VAT and Transfer Fee.

How Do I Buy a new Personalised Number Plate?

  1. Choose Your Personalised Number Plate

    The fun part – picking your number plate! There are millions of combinations available from the styles listed above. You can browse our website or use our search function to find something that suits you. Most people go for a plate that represents their name, job, hobby, favourite football team or something else important to them. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

  2. Order Your Number Plate Online

    You can order your new personalised number plate online – either directly on our website – or by calling us on 02866 387124 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the rest of the process.

    When paying for your number plate, we also offer finance options, which can be applied for online.

  3. Doing the Paperwork

    We will require your V5C, but the good news is that we can do many transfers online while you wait on the telephone, providing your V5C is printed in your name and address and is currently taxed.

    You will also need to notify your Insurance Company once the transfer is completed.

  4. Getting Physical Number Plates for your Vehicle

    Once you’ve purchased your new registration, you’ll need new number plates to put on your vehicle. Don’t worry, we can take care of that for you too - we can supply the physical number plates priced at £20 + VAT.

  5. Enjoy your new plates

    Once the transfer is completed, all the paperwork is out of the way and you’ve got your new physical plates on your vehicle, the only thing left to do is relax, enjoy your new number plates and show them off!

Personalised Number Plate FAQ's

1. Do I need to transfer a Personalised Number Plate onto a vehicle immediately?
No, most of our Personalised Number Plates can be supplied on a Retention Certificate.

2. What is the transfer time for Personalised Number Plates?
The average completion time is 3-5 working days from receipt of your V5C, however, we can do many transfers online while you wait on the telephone, providing your V5C is printed in your name and address and is currently taxed.

3. Can any Personalised Number Plates go onto any vehicle?
If the number plate on your current vehicle starts with a “Q”, you will not be able to transfer a registration onto your vehicle. The DVLA issues “Q” or “QNI” to vehicles when the DVLA cannot identify their origin.

If your vehicle type does not need a MOT / HGV certificate – a tractor, for example - you will not be able to transfer a Personalised Number Plate onto it.

4. How much do I have to pay to transfer a Personalised Number Plate?
The fee is £80 to transfer a number plate onto a certificate or vehicle.

5. What happens if I need to Road Tax or MOT my vehicle when my transfer is completed?
Your MOT and TAX will be changed over electronically by the DVLA.

6. Can I buy a Personalised Number Plate for my motorcycle or moped?
Yes, as long as your vehicle is currently taxed.

If you have any other queries or you'd like to talk to us about buying a personalised number plate, please give us a call us on 02866 387124 or submit our contact form, we're happy to help with any query