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Dateless Number Plates

Dateless plates do not have the same restrictions as other plate types - they can be assigned to any vehicle. They are made up of a group of up to 3 letters and up to 4 numbers, either way around - i.e 381 KWP or KWP 381.

You will get the best results to view if you search for either letters OR numbers - i.e. searching for any BAZ plate or any plate with a 911 number. Registrations with fewer letters or fewer numbers are rarer than 3 letters with 4 numbers

Dateless Plate

Current Style Numberplates

This is the style currently available when you buy a vehicle now. Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they have a 2 digit year identifier, and 5 available letters, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).

New style number plates

Prefix Number Plates

Prefix number plates were issued up until March 2001 and have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

Prefix style number plates
Trust Pilot

Personalised Number Plates

Personalised Number Plates are a special type of vehicle registration plate on a car or other vehicle. The owner of the vehicle will have paid to have his or her own choice of numbers or letters (from the choice available), usually forming a recognisable phrase, slogan, or initials to make it a personalised number plate. 

In the United Kingdom, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) issue personalised number plates. They do not approve personalised number plates if they contain words, which are offensive in any widely used language. UK plates have to match certain very strict letter/number combinations, including the following: 

21 MK
LEE 99
TL 9

Registrations can be sold, or transferred from one vehicle to another, with some restrictions. There are over 50 million available registrations to purchase that have never been issued before, and several hundred thousand personalised number plates being traded between owners through number plate dealers such as us at Speedy Registrations. We are one of the UK's largest supplier of dateless registrations straight from stock, with over 6,000 vehicles in roadworthy condition holding that stock to allow for fast transfer.



COM 1C was formerly owned by the comedian Jimmy Tarbuck  and Paul Daniels had MAG 1C


BEL 12E Is owned by the Belize High Commission


Is owned by the Chinese Embassy


VIP 1 was used in 1984 for the visit of Pope John Paul II for his Pope Mobile and was advertised as "one of the most important and impressive number plates ever issued".

If you cannot find the private plate you are looking for please call us on 02866 387124 and we will offer you a personal service using over 30 years of experience in the industry to find the private number plate suitable for you.