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Cheap Irish Number Plates

Considering buying an Irish Number Plate? Looking for the most affordable way to hide the age of your vehicle? Our Cheap irish Number Plates offer the perfect solution – starting from a low as just £40 (plus fees), we have the largest stock of cheap Irish number plates in the UK with more than 25,000 registrations to choose from.

We’ve filtered our stock of Irish Number Plates below so you can search for the most affordable options, while still finding something that allows you to personalised your vehicle and hide its age at the same time. Win, win!

Cheapest Irish Number Plates

Dateless Registrations

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Why choose a Cheap Irish Plate?

Irish number plates can be used to disguise the age of your vehicle as they are dateless registrations at a low cost. Due to the combination of letters, cheap Irish number plates are a favourite choice for people who want to customise their vehicle with a personalised number plate at an affordable price. 

Many cheap Irish plates can be used to represent names, including WIL, SEZ, GAZ, LNZ, DEZ, CEZ, TEZ,  DAZ, GIL, HIL, FIL, BIL, JIL, FIG, CIL, JEZ, FFZ, PNZ, SJZ, RIG, KRZ, THZ etc.

Of course, the main attraction of cheap Irish plates is the price and they don't come any cheaper than Speedy Reg – we have tens of thousands of Irish Registrations priced affordably from just £40 (plus fees).

The DVLA also sell cheap Irish number plates via their quarterly auctions and Tenders. Sometimes, the most exclusive Irish number plates are sold at these DVLA auctions, such as GIL 1, DIG 1, and BIG 1. Keep up to date with the latest information on exclusive auctions by following Speedy Reg on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Speedy Reg - Market Leader for Cheap Irish Plates

Speedy Reg are proud to be the market leader and supplier of cheap Irish number plates to the British public, in addition to being the main trade supplier to other number plate dealers as a result of our vast selection of available Irish registrations.

We’re based in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland which has allowed us to build up the largest stock of Irish Number Plates anywhere in the UK.

Speedy Reg’s advanced online search facilities make purchasing a cheap Irish plate easier than ever, allowing you to order securely online or on the phone. Our cheerful and helpful sales staff will talk you through the procedure, help you with your enquiry and make sure you get the best Irish number plate possible, no matter your budget.

You won’t find a more affordable way to purchase an Irish number plate than right here from our selection of low cost Irish registrations.

Haven’t found a cheap Irish Number Plate to suit? Want to find out more information about Irish Number Plates in general? Visit our IRISH NUMBER PLATES page where you’ll have access to our full range of Irish Registrations, as well, as extensive information and FAQs all about Irish Number Plates.


If you have any questions about Cheap Irish Number Plates or you’d like more information about our stock, please give us a call on 02866 387124 or use our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!