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30th Anniversary
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Prefix Number Plates

Number plates that have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

Current Number Plates

Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they follow the 2 digit year identifier, 3 letters format, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).
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Dateless Number Plates

Registrations which can be transferred to any age of vehicle, for example 70 NNX.
Did you know that all our registrations can be supplied on a Retention Certificate at no extra cost? The majority can be issued in your name and address, and are valid for 10 years.
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The Speedy Team

Because of our friendly nature and dedication to customer service when we handle your car registration number transfers, customers often ask us what we look like. So we picked a dozen people, plus the boss to give you a view of the team at Speedy Reg.

O II number plateDes - Director

My first motorbike in my collection was 1952 excelsior, 98cc with an IL number on it. In 1983, after having just written off my Austin Allegro, I was approached by a local number plate dealer who bought the remnants of the car for £75, simply for the registration. It was then I realised this was a business opportunity not to be missed! DIB 776 in todays market is probably worth about £1500. Most of my knowledge is in my head and not on the computer. I still enjoy the challenge of sealing that elusive sale, even after many years of toiling.
J6 XNE number plateJayne - IT & Marketing Manager

Funnily enough I worked in this very location many moons ago when it was a field making hay! So when Speedyreg built their new office, what else could I do but join them. After completing my HNC in Business & Related Studies and my BA (Hons) in Business Studies with the University of Ulster, I joined Speedyreg as a Telesales Administrator in October 2001. With the growth of the Internet and online marketing, it is extremely important to be competitive for our customers, which has lead to my role in the IT & Marketing Department now. I enjoy keeping our customers up to date on changes with the DVLA and goings on at Speedy, through my blog and our website.
LIL 1417 number platesLilian - Accounts

I have always been interested in Formula One, and I even named by son after Formula One driver Jenson Button. I joined Speedyreg June 2001 and Im currently in my 13th year of looking after the Speedyreg Accounts.

ECZ 171 number platesEsther - Telesales Administrator

I joined Speedyreg in 2005 and began the long journey learning about personalised numbers and cherished transfers. I find the environment very busy and challenging. Every day is different which makes the job very interesting. Customers expect very High Standards when we deal with their vehicle documents and they definitely get that here.

A16 NDA number platesAlanda - Office Manager

I came across this registration when I started in Speedyreg and had to have it. Many years ago my Aunt sold her registration number AIL 2556 from her Morris Minor and I was intrigued to know why anyone would want to buy such number. Alanda our Office Manager has been with the company since 1997. She has developed many specialist skills over many years of experience specialising in Customer Care, Speedy Sales and the great range of Cherished Transfer Procedures.
RBZ 141 number platesCraig - Telesales Administrator

I bought this registration for "my wife to be" as its an abbreviation of her name and think its quite a tidy number. My interest in number plates developed at a young age when I saw PHA 1R on a vehicle in Scotland in the early 1990s. Since seeing this perfect family registration I have always believed that a number plate is what makes a car stand out, and it truly does. I have been employed with Speedy Registrations since December 2007 and really enjoy supplying customers with the perfect personalised registration. Every day varies in the type of work that we do and the thriving business atmosphere is actually what makes me get out of bed in the morning. SO WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR ¦...DONT DELAY RING CRAIG TODAY?
EIG 999 number platesDrew - Workshop Manager

I choose EIG 999, as I wanted a number close to a Local International Rally Driver Bertie Fisher, who at the time had CIL 999 & DIL 999. I love working at NSU Quicklys & Cyclemasters. Drew reckons he is the UKs Number 1 NSU Quickly and Cyclemaster motorcycle expert as he has 500 of them to restore and MOT every year. He is also sponsored by Speedyreg , to compete in the Irish Rally Road stages in his Talbot Samba.
Paul - Motorcycle Technician R8 NYM number plate

He bought this registration for his son Ronan McManus, hence RONY M. Now in his 14th year at Speedyreg, he sees as his forte the Classic British Bikes, he has become over the years the "dab hand" at producing miracles out of basket cases of BSAs, James, Excelsiors and Francis Barnetts.
TOI 8742 number plateStuart - Motorcycle Technician

This plate came on a car I purchased and I decided to keep it as it looks like toys which I am fanatical about. He really likes working on classic and vintage bikes especially the Triumphs.
BCZ 999 number plateCraig  Motorcycle Technician

I just wanted a nice local number plate for my beloved bike. Craig is our latest to the Speedyreg Mechanic Team, he specialises in Stellas, Sky wings and Easy Riders. He really enjoys working at bikes, as he is learning every day.
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