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Private Number Plates & Personalised Number Plates | Cheapest UK

SpeedyReg sell Private Number Plates and Personalised Number Plates. As a UK Market Leader, we have the largest range of Cheap Plates from £40, available online now.

61 series personalised number plates -

Buy 61 series vehicle registration plates from Speedy Reg, top suppliers of number plates

Speedy Reg | About Us | Who Are Speedy Reg? | Irish Number Plates

Speedy Reg (est 1984) is the market leader in Irish Number Plates. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, customer service and huge range of number plates.

Asian Number Plates | 786 Number Plates | 786 Registration Plates

Asian Number Plates are one of many specialist types we supply. Find out why 786 numbers are so popular and check which personalised plates we currently have.

Speedy Reg Deals, Auto Trader Deals -

Find out about Speedy Reg private and personalised number plate deals with Auto Trader.

AutoTrader | Private Number Plates | Personalised Number Plates

AutoTrader number plates section features top UK dealers. Speedy Reg has been associated and carried weekly advertisements with AutoTrader for over 25 years.

Boys names private number plates

Find a huge range of boys name private and personalised number plates and let Speedy Reg help you select a boy's name number plate.

Number Plates | Finance Available | Buy Now Pay Later| Credit Options

Finance Options for UK residents to buy your personalised number plates today. Apply online, get an instant decision and pay later from Speedy Reg (est 1984).

Car Number Plates | Personalised Number Plates | Private Number Plates

Car Number Plates from manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mini and more are covered in our huge range of both cheap and premium plates.

Car Registration -

Learn more about Irish and English car registration with Speedy Reg

Car Registration Valuation Guide | How Much Is A Number Plate Worth?

Car Registration Valuation Guide from Speedy Reg: we have 30+ years of experience trading number plates & here we share our top tips for an accurate valuation.

Cheap Irish Number Plates | Irish Plates from £40 | 0% Finance

Cheap Irish Number Plates are a great way to hide a vehicle's age, transferable to any UK vehicle. Cheap Irish Plates are available online from £40 with SpeedyReg.

Cheap Number Plates | Cheap Plates from £40 | 0% Finance Options

Cheap Number Plates are something SpeedyReg specialise in. With Cheap Plates from £40 and 0% Finance, we have a huge range of Private Number Plates available online.

- Cheap Registration Plates | Cheap Reg Plates | Buy UK Registration

Cheap registration plates are the best way to personalise and hide the age of your car at a low cost. We have thousands of cheap UK reg number plates from £40.

Suffix & Prefix Registrations | Suffix & Prefix Number Plates

Suffix Number Plates, issued 1963-1983, have a single letter at the end to identify vehicle age. Find out more about Suffix and Prefix Registrations here

Cherished Number Plates | Cherished Plates | Dateless Registration

Cherished Number Plates are traditionally associated with old dateless plates but the term now includes newer highly sought after personalised plates.

Cloned Number Plates | Stolen Number Plates | Identity Theft

Car Cloning is when a criminal steals the identity of your car. Find out how criminals clone number plates and how to prevent having your car number plates stolen.

Cherished Number Dealers Association -

CNDA - Cherished Numbers Dealers Association, what CNDA membership can do for you in terms of buying and selling cherished and personalised number plates.

Competitions at Speedy Reg -

Give Speedy Reg your scary motoring moments to enter a competition and win prizes from the top supplier of affordable dateless vehicle registration numbers

Speedy Reg | Contact Us | Telephone Number, Address, Email and Fax

Contact Speedy Reg (est 1984) with enquiries regarding private, personalised or cherished number plates for competitive prices and professional customer care.

Current style private number plates,

Find Current Style Number Plates with Speedy Reg - The Top Suppliers of affordable Dateless Vehicle Registration Numbers | Millions to choose from

Date of Birth Number Plates | DOB Number Plates | Private Plates |

Date of Birth number plates to suit all years and ages! (e.g. HIL 1941, SAZ 1970) We offer a huge range of cheap personalised and Irish number plates to buy online. /SITEMAP

Dateless personalised number plates

Find our discounted dateless private number plates and dateless personalised number plates for sale

Dateless Number Plates | Cheap Dateless Plates & Dateless Registration

Dateless Number Plates are a great way to hide your vehicle's age. SpeedyReg are a UK Market Leader, with a wide range of Cheap Dateless Plates available online now.

Dateless Reg Plates | Dateless Number Plates | Dateless Registration [ /SITEMAP ]

Dateless Reg Plates are the way to hide the age of any UK vehicle. We have a variety of number plates available to personalise your vehicle regardless of age. [ /SITEMAP ]

3 letters and 3 numbers from £250

Ideal dateless registrations in the three letters and three numbers format, can go onto any vehicle as they are considered "dateless"

DVLA Number Plates, DVLA private number plates - Speedy Reg

Read about buying DVLA Number Plates with Speedy Reg and find out why DVLA private number plates are subject to tax and transfer fees.

DVLA local office information -

Let Speedy Reg help you find your local DVLA office across the UK and Ireland. Speedy Reg provide DVLA addresses, opening types and location of all DVLA offices.

FAQs: Irish Number Plates | DVLA Plates | Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs covering Irish Number Plates & DVLA Number Plates. We've answered our most Frequently Asked Questions here. Got a question not covered? We'd love to help!

Figaro Car Number Plates -

The history of Figaro cars, celebrity owners of Figaro cars and personalised number plate registration

Fleet news at Speedy Registrations -

Read the Speedy Reg’s fleet news to maximise potential returns from sales of vehicle registration numbers

Football Club Number Plates - Speedy Registrations

Find football number plates of your favourite football club. Just choose the football team phrase you want, to find the plate for you

Football Number Plates | Reg Plates for Football Supporters

Football Number Plates are perfect for the most dedicated football fans! No matter which team you support, Speedy Reg have a personalised plate for you.

Football Player Number Plates - Speedy Registrations

Find football number plates of your favourite football player. Just choose the football player phrase you want, to find the plate for you.

Gift Vouchers | Number Plates & Registration | Gift Cards & Ideas

Personalised number plates make the ideal gift! Our vouchers are ideal last-minute, lifetime gifts - with values and plates to suit all occasions.

Girls Names Number Plates | Female Name Personalised Plates

Girls Name Number Plates are a great way to make your vehicle unique. We have a huge range of personalised and private plates available suitable for girls.

History of Irish Plates -

History of Irish plates with Speedy Reg includes the first car in Ireland, vehicle taxation, and about vehicle registration plates in Northern Ireland.

History of Number Plates | Registration and Car Number Plate History

The history of number plates in the UK dates back to 1904, when the first plate A1 was registered in London. Learn more about the origin of number plates here.

Importing Overseas Vehicles to UK / Northern Ireland

Importing overseas vehicles into the UK and Northern Ireland from places like Japan, France, Spain

Investment Number Plates | Top Quality Service |

Investing in Personalised Number Plates is a popular alternative to traditional savings and investment opportunities | Find out more with Speedy Reg

Irish Boys Names Number Plates | Irish Number Plates | Private Plates

Irish Boys Names from Aaron to Ronan are covered in our range of Personalised Number Plates. We'll have the perfect private plates to suit you or as a gift!

Irish Girls Names Number Plates | Irish Number Plates | Private Plates

Irish Girls Names from Aileen to Una are covered in our range of Personalised Number Plates. Find the perfect private plates to suit you or as a gift!

Irish Number Plates Questions | Irish Plates | Irish Registration

Irish Number Plates are one of our specialties! All of the FAQs are answered here - price, payment, plates, transfers, tax, age restrictions and more.

Irish Number Plates | Cheap Irish Plates | Irish Private Plates

Irish Number Plates are a speciality of SpeedyReg. Based in Ireland, we have the largest range of Cheap Irish Private Plates, available online from £40

ISO Quality Award -

Speedy Registrations are an ISO 9000:2000 certified company. By achieving this award we always aim to fulfil our commitment to quality service and satisfaction

Job Number Plates | Hobby Number Plates | Hobbies & Jobs

Need a personalised number plate to reflect your job or favourite hobby? From Engineering to Birdwatching, Speedy Reg have the perfect plate for you!

Register and Login -

Register and login with to get access

Members of all Trade Associations -

Speedy Reg are members of all trade associations: CNDA, RMI, MIRAD and APRT

MIRAD - Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers

Learn more about the Institute of Registration Agent and Dealers with Speedy Reg

Northern Ireland private number plate transfers

Find out more about Northern Irish private and personalised number plate transfers with Speedy Registrations.

Number Plate Language: Common Substitutions & Roman Numerals

Our guide to Number Plate Language explains how to create a unique personalised plate - using roman numerals & common substitutions (e.g. 4 for A, E for 3)

News at Speedy Registrations -

Read the Speedy Reg’s fleet news to maximise potential returns from sales of vehicle registration numbers.

Number Plate Valuation | How Much Is My Car Registration Worth?

Number Plate Valuation in two days from SpeedyReg. Want to sell? We can help & we only take a commission if your plate sells. If it doesn't, you pay nothing.

Number Plates | Cheap Number Plates | Personalised Number Plates UK

Number Plates available to buy online from Speedy Reg (est 1984) with a wide range of Personalised, Private, Dateless, Irish & Cherished Plates to choose from

Number Plates as Birthday Present | Buying Private Plates as Gift

Personalised Number Plates make great gifts! Buying Number Plates as a Birthday present is simple - find out more & buy a gift voucher as a birthday gift here.

Number Plates in Australia

Vic Roads in Australia have begun selling license plates that use the European style, find out more with Speedy Reg.

Number Plates for Xmas | Guide to Buying Private Plates as a Gift

Buying Number Plates as a Christmas Gift is easy - and personalised number plates are a great Xmas present idea. Check out our guide & buy a gift voucher here.

Number Plates Terminology -

Learn about number plate plate terminology with terms for personalised plates and current vehicle registration plates in different languages

Speedy Registrations Partnership Program (Affiliates) -

Earn money through cherished UK vehicle registration numbers by becoming partners with Speedy Reg

Personalised Number Plates & Private Number Plates | Cheapest UK

Personalised Number Plates can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. SpeedyReg have a huge range of Private Number Plates, available to buy online from £40.

Pet Number Plates | Personalised Number Plates for Pet Owners

Pet Owners! Show off your love for your pet with the perfect personalised number plate. Cats, dogs, other animals too; Speedy Reg have the plate for you!

Private number plates, personalised number plates -

Find car private, cherished and personalised registration plates with Speedy Reg

Popular Car Number Plates - Speedy Registrations

Looking for a registration plate for your exact car model. Speedy have compiled a list of popular car models to help you find number plates available for you car

Popular Number Plates | Top Number Plates | Top Number Plate Searches

Popular Number Plate Searches: We've grouped the most searched number plates to make it easier for you to find the best personalised number plate for your car

Speedy Reg | Privacy Policy | Number Plates

Speedy Reg are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. Our privacy notice explains how we collect, use and protect information about you.

Private Number Plates | Private Plates | Personalised Number Plates

Private Number Plates are the best way to personalise or hide the age of your vehicle. We offer a large range of private, personalised and Irish number plates.

Soccer personalise number plates -

Football information on personalised Number Plates with Speedy Reg

Sports Car Plates - Speedy Registrations

We've compiled a list of top sports cars to help you find number plates available for your sports car. We aim to help find the right car registration plates for you

Star Sign Number Plates | Zodiac and Horoscope Number Plates

Star Sign Number Plates are the perfect way to show off your sign of the zodiac! No matter what your horoscope says, we've got just the plate for you.

Stock private number plates, stock personalised number plates -

Find out the advantages of buying a stock private number plate and get access to a huge range of stock personalised number plates with Speedy Reg.

Personalised Number Plates | Private Number Plates | SpeedyReg

For Hassle free Personalised and Private Number Plate Registrations and transfers call 02866 387124. Millions to choose, CHEAPEST PRICE Guaranteed| Home

Terms and Conditions | Number Plates: Terms of Sale and Transfer

Speedy Reg's Terms and Conditions for Sale and Transfer of Number Plates and Registrations. Speedy Reg are members of the CNDA and RMI. FAQs answered.

Testimonials for Personalised number plates, cherished numbers

Client testimonials about Speedy Registrations, who have been selling private number plates since 1984, and conduct all transfers in accordance with DVLA regulations

The team at Speedy Registrations -

Meet Speedy Reg's highly trained employees, who are at hand to deal with as your personalised and private number plates transfers

Free Vehicle Cloning Ebook

Speedy Reg provides a free ebook download to help combat vehicle and personal identity theft

Number Plates | Latest News and Info | Speedy Reg Updates

Get all the latest Number Plate news and info from the experts at SpeedyReg. We'll also keep you up to date with what we're up to here in our office.

Number Plate Videos | Car Registration | Speedy Reg Youtube

Watch a selection of Number Plate videos created especially by Speedy Reg - experts in the field with 30 year's experience - on their official Youtube.