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Popular Irish Number Plate Combinations

The widest range of Northern Irish number plates available on the internet!

Irish style number plates offer a great range of combinations at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Many people are not aware that Northern Irish style number plates are perfectly legal on the mainland. Ever seen KAZ or DAZ number plates, often followed by 4 numbers driving down the motorway in front of you? Yes, they are Northern Irish plates.  NI personalised number plates either have the letter I or the letter Z within the 3 letters, and for the really low priced registration numbers, there are 4 numbers.   And the best thing is they are referred to as "dateless" registrations. This means they can go onto any vehicle, regardless of how old or new the vehicle is. Whether you've just got a new vehicle straight off the forecourt, or your 1980's classic, it can go on.  Some of the 3 letter and 4 number combinations are available at £50 or £99+VAT, plus the £80 government transfer fee, and of course, if you are a KAZ or, DAZ or want a BIG or OIL plate, then you cannot get a dateless UK mainland number with a Z or an I in there!

Speedy Registrations hold over 25,000 Irish registration numbers with over 60% of these being our stock. You cannot get them cheaper anywhere else.  We've taken a look at our Irish registrations and identified  the 3 letter combinations below that offer great value for money and a wide choice of available numbers to give you the best registration possible.  A letter Z is available on the UK mainland current style registrations but you need a vehicle young enough to support when the registration was released. We've included some non Irish combinations to match your chosen 3 letters where we think they might be of interest