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We follow a strict complaints procedure and two Codes of Practice. As members of the CNDA and RMI, we can offer use of an Independent Conciliation and Arbitration process. The Codes of Practice for both CNDA and RMI can be found here:


  1. A deposit of 25% of the overall cost will secure a registration number. A part or full payment will hold the number for a maximum of two weeks from the date of reservation, by which time we will require your completed documents and balance of payment. It is in our interest to conclude each transaction as fast as possible, however as we often rely on a donor client to fulfil his/her obligation to us in respect of the donor vehicle requirements of transfer, we cannot accept any responsibility for delays or failure caused by the keeper of the donor vehicle.
  2. Our liability is strictly limited to a full refund only and no claims for damages, interest on monies paid or any other expenses will be entertained. In the event of a transfer failing you have our full money back guarantee provided you are not responsible for our inability to transfer.

3. We will require your V5C vehicle Registration Certificate and Photocopy of your MOT (if applicable). If you are not the registered keeper of the vehicle you will need to complete the reverse side of the V5 with the name and address that you want the vehicle registered in and sign the Declaration. DVLA Swansea will register you as the keeper at the same time the transfer is completed. DO NOT send your V5 directly to the DVLA for change of keeper and DO NOT surrender the V5 at a Post Office for taxation purposes. The vehicle will also need to be re-taxed we can handle this for you at the same time as the transfer.

4. If the recipient vehicle is brand new, we require the form V55 from your supplying garage, plus your insurance and cheque payable to Department for Transport for the required amount of road tax, plus £55 first Registration Fee.

5. If you are unable to supply your completed documents for transfer within two weeks of purchase, we can transfer this registration onto a Retention Certificate for you, we will require your balance of payment and £80 Transfer Fee within two weeks of purchase.

6. The transfer is carried out in accordance with the DVLA rules and issue of a new V5 bearing the new registration number shall be conclusive proof of a successful transfer.

7. Actual number plates are your responsibility, however you can order them through us if you wish to do so. Officially you should not put your number plates on the car until the transfer is completed and you receive either your eV948 Number Plate Authorisation Certificate or your new V5C

8. The Department for Transport Fee for each Registration Number is £80. The Retention Fee is also £80.

9. If for any reason the recipient requires the transfer to be returned after lodgement there is an administration fee of £50 plus VAT applicable.

10. Full payment is required at time of purchase for 'Prefix' and 'Current Style' numbers, a part payment is required for all other numbers. Please note that once a purchase is placed for all registration marks, the registration is deemed to be specifically to the requirements of the purchaser therefore is considered a personalised item, this means under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2013, if the purchaser does not proceed with the transfer of the registration mark after paying a part/full payment or fails to supply the documentation required by the DVLA for transfer then no part of the payment is refundable as the service period commences immediately. Ordered numbers cannot be refunded or exchanged. Upon receipt of an order, the purchaser is agreeing to give us their informed consent to waive their 14 day cooling off period.

11. An administration fee of £50+VAT shall be made on services relating to retentions and certificate of entitlement after the point of sale including extension and nominee change on behalf of the purchaser. In the event that the purchaser fails to respond to Speedy Registrations correspondence with regard to the pending lapse of any form of certificate. Speedy Registrations reserves the right to apply for extension, assume ownership of the mark and consider the purchase void. In such circumstances, the failure to complete shall be the responsibility of the purchaser and no refund shall be made.

12. An administration fee of £20+VAT shall be levied if a registration is purchased through the finance service and is subsequently cancelled. Whether this be because the finance application is declined, which subsequently means you no longer have the funds to purchase the registration and request cancellation or that before completing the finance process you choose to cancel. Should a finance application be declined but you have the funds to pay through other means then no administration fee would be due. This administration fee (which also includes our recovery of card processing costs) will be retained from the card deposit, prior to us returning the deposit to you.

We will not be liable for costs incurred for number plates prepared prior to completion of transfer.

The following 'Questions and answers' is to be read in conjunction with and forms part of our Terms and Conditions.

Questions And Answers

Q. What happens to my present registration number?

A. Unless you want to pay an extra £80 to transfer it on to another of your vehicles or retention certificate, the number is voided by DVLA Swansea. The old plates are simply removed and disposed of and replaced by the new ones.

Q. What happens to my part or full payment if I change my mind before the transfer is lodged or after it has been lodged and no longer want the registration I have reserved?

A. We do not offer any refunds if you change your mind.

Q. Does the price include VAT and transfer fee?

A. The price advertised is just the price of the number, VAT and transfer fee are extra.

Q. If the transfer should fail do I get a full refund?

A. YES. We guarantee to give you an instant refund in the event of the transfer failing. However, if the failure is due to you not supplying the necessary documents within the period of time required by us no refunds will be given. Issue of the new V5 by DVLA Swansea shall be deemed proof of acceptance of the transfer.

Q. How do I know if a number is genuine?

A. The donor vehicle is inspected by The Department for Transport to ensure that it is the genuine vehicle and registration. We will take care of this. If any discrepancy is discovered the transfer will fail. Please note The Secretary Of State for Transport of their agents (the DVLA) may revoke the relevant right to a registration mark at any time for whatever reasons, and Speedy Registrations cannot be held responsible in the very unlikely event of this.

Q. Does the recipient vehicle need to be inspected by the authorities?

A. Yes. The DVLA reserve the right to inspect vehicles, however, this is very rare. For example if there was a change of construction of the vehicle the authorities may want to inspect it. The DVLA and your local VOSA representative will notify you if this is necessary.

Q. How long does the transfer take?

A. The average time scale is one to four weeks. In some instances transfers can take longer and the time period cannot be guaranteed, but we would keep you informed of the progress in any event. However, it should be noted that we cannot start the transfer until we have relevant documents from yourself.

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