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DVLA Number Plates FAQ

We have put together this set of frequently asked questions relating to the transfer of DVLA-based personalised registration numbers. If you have a question that we have not answered, please use our live help services, our contact form, or call us on 02866 387124 during office hours

Why are DVLA Number plates subject to VAT?
All DVLA registrations are subject to full VAT. Examples of DVLA registration are E5 HAW, DE51 ELT, DO57 COW.
How much is the Transfer Fee ?
The Transfer Fee is applicable to all transfers. The Transfer Fee is £80 whether it is stored on a Retention Certificate or on a vehicle.
How can I pay for my new DVLA Number Plate?
We accept the following methods for payment:


What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the number plate transfer has been completed?
We require full payment at time of purchase for prefix and current style registrations. Registration marks supplied from our Prefix Style and Current Style searches are supplied specifically to the buyers requirements and are regarded as a "personalised item" which cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded following the sale. The service that we provide in selling these registrations is actioned immediately and so, on completion of the online sales process, the buyer is agreeing to give us their informed consent to waive their cooling off period associated with the distance selling regulations amendment of the Sale of Goods Act
Do Speedyreg provide the physical number plates for my vehicle?
Yes we can supply a set of physical number plates for your vehicle at a cost of £20 plus VAT,  per pair
What will happen to my current DVLA car registration number?
The DVLA will reclaim your registration back once you transfer your new DVLA Number plate onto your vehicle. However you can keep your current registration, it will cost you £80 to retain on a Retention Certificate
What does it mean if my current V5C Registration Certificate states that the registration is non-transferable?
There is no problem transferring a DVLA Number Plate onto your vehicle. However you will not be able to transfer or retain the current registration number
How long will I have to wait before my new DVLA Number Plate will be on my vehicle?
Transfers are currently taking 3 to 5 working days for completion
How can I find out about the progress of my DVLA number plate transfer?
You can telephone us on 02866 387124 for an instant progress report on your new registration
What do DVLA, DfT and DVA stand for?
DVLA; Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency
DfT: Department for Transport
DVA: Driver Vehicle Agency
Will there be any age restrictions for transferring DVLA Number Plates on my vehicle?
Yes DVLA registrations are dated registrations and therefore can only be transferred onto an age related vehicle. You can make your vehicle look older but you cannot make it appear younger. For example an DO57 COW (2007) would not be able to be transferred onto a 1997 vehicle

However if your vehicle was first registered in April 2008, then there would be no problem in transferring DO57 COW onto your vehicle. As it will make your vehicle look older which is allowed.

What happens if I need to re-tax my vehicle during the transfer of my DVLA Number Plate?
We can re-tax your vehicle during the transfer of your DVLA registration plate, to do this we will require the following documents to:
  • Cheque for Road Tax
  • Insurance Certificate valid for at least 6 weeks.
  • V10 – Tax Application Form
If I have a “Q” registration on my vehicle will I be able to transfer a DVLA plate onto my vehicle?
Unfortunately you will not be able to transfer a DVLA number plate onto your vehicle.
Can I transfer a registration onto my vehicle and at the same transfer my current number to another vehicle?
Yes we can transfer a DVLA Number Plate onto your vehicle and at the same time transfer your current registration off the vehicle, this is called a double transfer.  In order for us to complete the double transfer we will require the following documents:


  • V5C—Vehicle Registration Certificate for both vehicles
  • Photocopy of MOT certificate – if applicable for both vehicles
  • V317 Transfer Form
  • An extra £80 cheque payable to DfT.

However if you do not have a vehicle to transfer this registration onto, it can be transferred onto a Retention Certificate, to do this we will require the following:

  • V317 Transfer and Retention application form
  • V5C—Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Photocopy of MOT certificate – if applicable
  • A Cheque for £80 made payable to DVLA Swansea
Can I transfer a DVLA number plate onto my motorcycle?
Yes there is no restriction in transferring a DVLA Number Plate onto your motorcycle provided it is currently MOT'd and Taxed