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Prefix Number Plates

Number plates that have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

Current Number Plates

Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they follow the 2 digit year identifier, 3 letters format, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).
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Dateless Number Plates

Registrations which can be transferred to any age of vehicle, for example 70 NNX.
Did you know that all our registrations can be supplied on a Retention Certificate at no extra cost? The majority can be issued in your name and address, and are valid for 10 years.
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Cherished Number Plates

The term Cherished Number Plates traditionally would be associated to old dateless car number plates that have been on vehicles for many years. However these days the term Cherished Number Plates now include the more recent current style registration for example DE51 ELT.

Cherished number plates are becoming the must have accessory for all new car owners. Nowadays people want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and are investing in Number Plates. More and more cherished number plates are being sold during our current economic situation as they are deemed as a sound investment.

Cherished number plates are becoming a more popular way of advertising companies. One of the best known Plumbing companies that are based in London which was interviewed by the News at Ten after last weeks budget, Pimlico Plumbers have cherished number plates on each of their company vehicles. Each of the number plates relate to their business, the following are example of registrations they own:

Cherished number plates car
LO02 OLD ... RAD 5 .... B19 TAP ... GAS 6 ... 8 WC ... 80 G ... S11 OWER ... 8 WC ... X1 EAK ... BOG 1 ... GA51 EAK ... LO02 LOO ... DRA 1N ... WC 55 ... LAV 1 ... HA51 EAK ... LO02 TAP ... G2 LOO ... FLU 55H

Another industry that benefits from Cherished Number Plates is Coach Companies and Haulage Companies. These companies tend to purchase consecutive registrations for example:

SHZ 4630
SHZ 4631
SHZ 4632
SHZ 4633

VJZ 8551
VJZ 8552
VJZ 8553
VJZ 8554

The main reason they chose consecutive cherished number plates is that they look better on their convoy of vehicles as well as getting their company recognised.

Cherished Number Plates Collectors

Cherished number plate

When you think of collectors you might think of a stamp collector or a teddy bear collector but have you considered collecting Cherished Number Plates? Not only do they make a great investment, but it is also something that you can show off to the world every time you take a drive. It doesn't have to be collecting dust in a box in the loft like most other objects you might collect.

There are many reasons why you might collect a Cherished Number Plate. A lot of businesses collect them to help brand their business. Or some people might have a family name that they want to showcase on all their family cars.

Some examples of famous Cherished Number Plates collectors are:

Pimlico Plumbers (e.g. DRA 11N, W4 TER etc)

Flowsecure Travel Ltd (e.g. RUI 3661, RUI 3662, RUI 3663)

Rigby Executive Coaches (e.g. TIL 7773 , TIL 7711)

Speedy Registrations Co Ltd (e.g. O 11, DE51 ELT, DES 51E, 12 ORY)

Costs of Cherished Number Plates

Have you always wondered how on earth does the person in front of you in that cheap little car can afford a Cherished Number Plate? Do you initially assume that the plate is probably worth more than their car? Well, you might be surprised to hear that owning a Cherished Number Plate does not necessarily have to cost you a fortune.

Yes, you might hear of celebrities such as Ronaldo spending hundreds of thousands of pounds personalising their cars with a Cherished Number Plate but don't worry, you do not have to earn a footballers wage in order to buy one.

There are many different types of plates to choose from to suit all budgets, big or small. The different styles of Cherished Number Plates available are: Old Dateless British Car Plates, Irish plates, New style DVLA registrations, Prefix DVLA registrations and Suffix Car Registrations Number Plates. So all you have to do is work out how much you want to spend and decide what you want on your car. Don't think you just have to have your name or date of birth. More and more people are putting their favourite football team, their job role or even their pets name on their car.

The best way to pick a Cherished number is to pick what is personal to you.

Why not search our extensive database for your perfect plate?

Count down to Cherished Auctions (DVLA Auctions for 2014 )


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26th, 27th, 28th November 2014


DVLA Auction Calendar for 2015




25th, 26th, 27th Feb


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22nd, 23rd, 24th Jul


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25th, 26th, 27th Nov


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Cherished Charts

e.g. Top 10 Cheapest Plates

  1. SHZ 2744
  2. FRZ 4135
  3. GRZ 9311
  4. T70 OVE
  5. LIG 3808
  6. ANZ 9857
  7. MHZ 525
  8. VIW 919
  9. DSU 391
  10. NEV 3N


Top 10 Most Expensive Cherished Numbers Sold

  1. S1
  2. 1 D
  3. 51 NGH
  4. 1 RH
  5. K1 NGS
  6. 1 O
  7. 1 A
  8. 1 OO
  9. 2 O
  10. 6 B

£397,500 (2008)
£352,411 (2009)
£254,000 (2006)
£247,000 (2008)
£231,000 (1993)
£210,242 (2009)
£200,000 (1989)
£197,000 (2006)
£142,249 (2009)
£130,000 (2008)

Top 10 Best Investment Plates

  1. BIG 1
  2. O 11
  3. JJI 1
  4. JAN 6S
  5. WKE 11Y
  6. LMO 110Y
  7. KYL 111E
  8. ANG 1F
  9. 91 JN
  10. XIL 11


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