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30th Anniversary
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Did you know that all our registrations can be supplied on a Retention Certificate at no extra cost? The majority can be issued in your name and address, and are valid for 10 years.
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About Us

Welcome to Speedy Registrations Co. Ltd.,

Speedy Registrations have been supplying number plates to the public since 1984. For your protection we are members of:

C.N.D.A - (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association)
M.I.R.A.D - (Member of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers)
R.M.I.F - (Retail Motor Industry Federation)

Every transfer is conducted in strict accordance with DVLA regulations covering number plates.

We pride ourselves in our highly competitive prices, matched equally by our professional customer care service. We have many plates to offer online, if you see something that you like then give us a call. Even if there is nothing shown here that may suit you, we might be able to obtain something, so get in touch with us today.

Speedy Reg offering you cheap number platesSpeedy Registrations Co Ltd started life in 1984 progressing from a Garden Shed at Snowhill, Lisbellaw, Co Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland (coincidently the original home of IL 1 issued in 01st January 1904 to brothers William and James Eadie) to the current purpose built premises at Millwood Lisbellaw.

The Eadie family were motoring pioneers in the county having the first horseless carriage to be given a registration in County Fermanagh under the 1903 Act with distinctive IL 1 registration. Their very first car was a De Dion Bouton made in France, which has a three horsepower engine and could reach speeds of up to 20 mph.

The names of De Dion and Bouton are extricably linked with the pioneer years of the motor car, initially in company with Trepardoux in the building of light stream carriages, the first of which appeared in 1883. In the early 1890's De Dion and Bouton turned their attention to  the internal combustion engine, much to the annoynance of Trepardoux who quit in 1894, leaving his erstwhile partners to develop what was, in effect, the first high-speed internal combustion engine. Engineers Bouton's power units developed significantly greater output than their contemporaries from Daimler and Benz yet matched them for reliability. Small wonder than that De Dion Bouton engines were adopted by many other manufacturers of tricycles, quadricycles and light cars, both in Europe and the United States, influenced no doubt by the success of the flying tricycles in such events as the Paris-Bordeaux and other endurance races. Early 137cc engines ran at speeds of up to 1,500 rpm and the first internal combustion-engined tricycles were build in 1895.The 250cc engine of 1896 developed approximately 1 3/4 hp and made the contemporary Benz engines seem positively antiquated.

Early De Dions were rear engined and of the vis-a-vis type where the passengers sat facing the driver - but from 1902 onwards the firm began to adopt what would become accepted as the conventional layout for a motor car. By this time De Dion's fast revving, single cylinder engines were offered in 4 1/5 hp, 6hp and 8hp variants. All features mechanical inlet and atmospheric exhaust valves, and were note for their reliability which is borne out by the number surving today.

Their second vehicle was a Daimler and it is believed that this was the car, which first carried the IL 1 plates around 1904.

Personalised Number plate dealer


Speedy Registrations was the brain wave of our Director Des Elton who was keen to spot a vacancy in the then current number plate market.

Blast from the past Speedy's Minor Company van recently restored and back in daily use.

Speedy Registrations has grown from having one sales person to its present day, headed by the office manager Alanda. The Sales Staff team are, Jayne, Esther, Craig, Sharon, and Lilian in accounts plus our two Directors Des and Brigitte. It is hard to believe that thirteen years ago we had only two computers in our office and now to current day we have twelve computers. A major redevelopment of our website has resulted in the growth of our business. We recognise the essential value of the Internet, and we have developed what we believe to be an unrivalled search facility, from Football Numbers, Girl and Boy's Numberplates and even Pet Numberplates. You will find our website very informative and user friendly.

Various car registrations availableMany car number plates available for you to choose

We became a Limited company back in December 1998 and in August 2008 Speedyreg was registered as a Trade Mark.

Speedy Registrations also hold the coveted industry internationally recognised Government backed quality management systems standard, ISO 9001:2000. As a result we place customer care and after sales to the forefront of our company principles.

For our creditability we are members of

  • CNDA
  • FSB
  • APRT
  • RMI

a car with a private number plateMost of our employees have obtained their own personalised registrations over the years for example:

Employee personalised number plates

Speedy Registrations is now the market leader in Irish number plates. Speedy Registrations sales staff sell number plates from DVLA, our own extensive stock as well as client owned registrations. We are also proud to offer the customer the largest stock in the Great Britain of cheap dateless Irish Number plates.

It is interesting to note that most of our GB mainland customers purchase Irish Number plates and the majority of our Northern Irish customers purchase prefix GB registrations. The main reason our GB mainland customers purchase Irish Number plates is that they are dateless and therefore they disguise the age of their vehicle. Our Northern Irish customers purchase GB mainland registrations, as they prefer to have initials or name on their registration for example:

GB number plate

Number Plates available for all vehiclesMotorbike with an Irish registration plateAt Speedy Registrations we employ 4 full time motorcycle mechanics, headed by Paul Mc Manus the workshop manager whose job is to look after approx 6,000 motorcycles stored in our vast warehouses constantly MOTing and carrying out ambitious restoration projects.

Speedy Registrations is indeed the home of Cyclemasters, NSUs and many other British Classics.

This has resulted in Speedy Registrations being the No 1 trade suppliers of cheap dateless Irish number plates to the UK Trade suppliers and to the public. You can choose from over 500 BIG registrations, 400 JEZ registrations, 800 WIL registrations, 600 SUI registrations and over 1000 IIG registrations that we currently have in stock.


Personalised number plates suitable for various vehiclesMotor cycle servicing is also available at Speedy Reg

In house mechanics on hand at Speedy Reg

Mechanics working

We look forward to finding you, your perfect number plate. Don't worry if you are only purchasing a £50 number plate and not a £100,000 number plate, you will still receive the same high level of customer care. Happy Browsing!!

Staff at Speedy Reg looking for the ideal Private Number Plate for you

Private car registrations plates being sourced by the staff

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Speedyreg is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.

Speedy Reg has been ranked 9.7 out of 10 in 529 customer reviews at TrustPilot

SpeedyReg is registered with the DVLA as a Registered Number Plate Supplier to supply physical number plates. i.e. the actual acrylic plates. SpeedyReg is a recognised reseller of DVLA Registrations.