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Irish Number Plates or Dateless Registrations

Northern Irish Number Plates are dateless and can be transferred onto any age of vehicle registered in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They have become a cost effective way of hiding the age of your vehicle. For example if your vehicle is registered on a 51 plate then automatically people know your vehicle was first registered in 2001, however if it was registered with CSZ 4141 you would have no idea how old your vehicle is. 'A good way to impress your neighbours’

Irish registration plates are number plates that are issued in Northern Ireland and not the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland forms part of the United Kingdom, whereas the Republic of Ireland is a different country and uses a separate vehicle licensing system, using year followed with the first and last initial of the county along with the number of vehicles registered to date, e.g 12-DL-1280. Northern Irish plates are handled by DVLA Swansea just like the rest of the UK and can just as easily go onto a vehicle in Portsmouth or Norwich.  In fact, an increasing number of our customers, including our mainland UK customers,  are realising that making an investment in one of our Irish registration plates is worthwhile. 

Hide the age of your vehicle from a little as £40 plus £8 VAT plus £80 Transfer Fee. We have over 14,000 Irish reg plates, many of which are significantly cheaper than a similar mainland equivalent and around 5000 registrations are either £99 or under!  Because we have so many, simply click on  a letter below to filter for the first letter of the registration and we'll show you what we have available.

Dateless Registrations

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Number Plates Ireland

Since July 2014, the DVLA Swansea are responsible for issuing Irish registration plates, and unlike the DVLA number plates for the GB mainland, there is no way of identifying the age of the vehicle and therefore the registrations are becoming convenient cover plates for many of our customers. The prefix of the Irish number plate denotes the area the registration comes from. For example Speedy Registrations is based in Fermanagh where the IL and more recently IG combinations are from. This has led to many popular combinations for example GIL, HIL, LIL, MIL, OIL and more recently AIG, DIG, BIG, MIG, OIG and RIG, SIG, TIG, UIG and shortly VIG all followed by 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers, ie JIG 8085. (Any Dancing Bob's needing a new number plate?)

When you purchase Irish registration plates, we can complete the transfer in one of two ways.

1. Immediately: You can simply provide us with the current registration on your vehicle, the V5C document reference number and we can assign your registration onto your vehicle over the telephone while you wait.  Your V5C must be currently taxed and printed in your name and address. If successful, we will email you a Number Plate Authorisation Certificate eV948 as confirmation of your completion. Please note that online assignments can only be attempted between 9am - 6pm Monday to Saturday


2. By Post: If we are unable to assign your registration online then we will require you to post your V5C to us. You would then just wait for your new V5C Vehicle Registration Document to drop through your door and then fix your new number plates onto your vehicle.  The DVLA are no longer issuing a completion letter following a transfer, the V5C is the only official document you will receive.

If you are interested in cheap Irish number plates for sale, and you are still unsure, an easy thing to remember is that they will always have an "I" or a "Z" somewhere in the letters combined with 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers. With over 35 years of experience you can rely on Speedy Registrations to handle your transfer competently. At Speedy Registrations we have available the largest stock of cheap Irish number plates for sale within the UK. You can choose from 14,000 Irish registrations plates either stored on Retention Certificate or Motorcycles. As well as supplying the public we also are the main suppliers to other registration companies and coach companies of Irish number plates. Speedy Registrations are the only Northern Number plate dealer to have been awarded the most sought after industry recognised quality standard, BSI. We are registered to ISO 9001:2000, certificate no. A12 456. 


The majority of Northern Ireland numbers that have shorter digits for example JHZ 1, MFZ 8, NUI 6, IGZ 8, GGZ 5, LNZ 4 etc are held back from general allocation. Swansea DVLA will then release these numbers in auctions and therefore are more expensive. The DVLA issue these number plates on a Certificate of Entitlement. 

Why number plates from Ireland make good personalised plates

A lot of Irish number plates are abbreviations of popular Irish Girls names and Irish Boys names. For example a lot of names have 'I' somewhere in their name and 'I's are not issued in the GB mainland prefix / current style number plates. 

For example if your name is Jillian, an option for your name would be JIL 1777. Likewise if your name is Barry, you would quite often be called BAZ and therefore a perfect number plate for you would be BAZ 411. Another example would be ELZ 42 by royal appointment exclusively from Speedy Registrations. A more recent combination would be KRZ 1771, especially if your name is Kristian.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Irish number plates age related? 
Irish registrations plates are dateless and can be transferred onto any vehicle without restriction.

2. What is the transfer time for number plates?
Average transfer completion is 5 - 7 working days from receipt of your V5C. However, we can do many transfers online while you wait on the telephone, providing your V5C is printed in your name and address and is currently taxed and MOT'd

3. Are Irish registration numbers transferable in the future and can they go on retention?
Once the Irish number plate is on your vehicle, you can move it from vehicle to vehicle for which there is a charge of £80 Or they can be transferred onto a Retention Certificate at a cost of £80 and again this can be completed in DVLA Swansea. 

4. Are number plates from Ireland legal in the GB mainland?
Yes, they can be transferred  onto any age of vehicle.  Speedy Registrations is testament to many satisfied customers.  TrustPilot

We have spent every week for more than 35 years transferring 150 to 200 Irish registration numbers, to the GB mainland.

We at Speedy Registrations offer a fast, efficient, friendly and professional service. We offer you quality and quantity and great for value for money, backed up with our excellent customer care.


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