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Star Sign Plates

At Speedy Registrations we offer you great deals on star sign number plates. We stock a huge range of great quality discounted horoscope number plates from premium 3 letter zodiac plates through to dateless star sign plates. If you are looking for personalised registration plates for your star sign, you won't need to consult the heavens to know that we can help you. We also offer cheap Irish star sign plates from only £40 as well as current personalised prefixes, enabling you to choose a modern horoscope number plate using your own initials.

Established, experienced and well respected within the industry, Speedy Registrations offer an outstandingly professional service at the most competitive prices around. We source top deals across the range of star sign registration number plates. Regardless of your budget, we can provide the zodiac plates specific to your requirements. From budget entry-level horoscope number plates through to the most exclusive zodiac plates on the market, we cover it all.

Defining your vehicle with a personalised star sign registration plate offers you that little piece of exclusivity so hard to find these days, and at a price that won't break the bank. Stand out from the crowd, be a little different and identify your individuality with your unique horoscope registration plate. At Speedy Registrations we have compiled a list of star sign terms below. By clicking on a zodiac term you will be taken directly to a selection of matching number plates for that term.

These days increasing numbers of personalised star sign plates are being invested in as gifts - fabulous, unforgettable presents with a personal touch. Select a zodiac number plate with a mixture of date of birth, initials or even name and have your inspiration warmly appreciated. Many people select registration plates that reflect their personalities, their personal likes and dislikes. At Speedy we can help you find the horoscope registration plate that matches your exact requirements and at a great price too! Feel free to get in touch and see how we can help you find the zodiac number plate you are looking for.

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About Speedy Reg

We pride ourselves on our highly competitive prices, matched equally by our professional customer football service. We have a large selection of private number plates ranging from our cheap dateless Northern Irish plates to personalised prefix and current style numbers and of course the classic dateless plates with two or three digits. Please click on the link relating to what you are looking for and browse at your leisure.

If you cannot find the private plate you are looking for please call us on 02 866 387124 and we will offer you a personal service using over 30 years of experience in the industry to find the private number plate suitable for you.