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Cherished Number Dealers Association

CNDA Membership

Speedy Registrations became a member of the CNDA, as it is the only governing Body within the industry and the only organisation to have regular meetings with the DVLA and DVA.

We believe that our membership will provide our customers the confidence to deal with Speedy Registrations Co Ltd.

Members of the CNDA adhere to a strict Code of Practice, and each member is regularly monitored by the Association to ensure that.


What can a CNDA Member do for you?


The prospect of entrusting a relative stranger with cash and valuable documents before the Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency (DVLA) have authorised your chosen registration to be displayed on your vehicle can be daunting.

Although you can arrange the transfer of a registration number yourself by direct application to the DVLA, the process of finding a suitable registration and then ensuring that all legal and Department of Transport requirements are complied with can make the whole business complex and time consuming.

Opting for a dealer with CNDA membership assures you of their proven experience and efficiency in handling the formalities for you.


If you decide to sell your registration you will not only need to find a buyer, but also be certain that your number qualifies for transfer and that both donor and recipient vehicles are suitable and in sufficiently good order to enable them to participate in the transfer.

With all this to consider it may be simpler to let an expert do the work for you.

Valuation Service

It is difficult to determine the value of a cherished number because there is no definitive source of reference to guide you. The realisable value of a number is likely to go down as well as up, depending on the current economic climate and public demand for similar registrations.

In recognition of these problems, CNDA offers a fully independent, certified valuation service, which is widely used by the insurance industry, the legal profession and even the Police, as well as by owners, or prospective owners, of cherished numbers. CNDA valuations are fully independent because we do not rely on the opinion of just one dealer: we consult several of our members before an assessment is prepared.




CNDA (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association)

What do the CNDA do?

  • Raise awareness of the cherished number industry
  • Promote and protect member businesses
  • Develop and maintain standards in the sector
  • Liaise with the DVLA and DVA
  • Advise consumers on the legal status of cherished numbers
  • Certificated number plate valuation services
    - Users include law firms, insurance companies and HM Revenue and Customs
  • Provide a channel for communication and information
  • Host regular member meetings and working groups
  • Provide legal advice and business support
  • Offer preferential rates for members on goods and services

CNDA History

The registration of motor vehicles in the UK began in 1903 with the introduction of the Motor Car Act but it was not until more than half a century late that demand for personalised number plates really took off.

Towards the end of the 1960s a handful of people started trading these numbers and in 1971 the Cherished Numbers Dealers Association was established to represent these traders and to protect the interests of their customers. In 1993 the organisation became affiliated to the Retail Motor Industry Federation and since that time the demand, popularity and consequently the values of most registration numbers have soared, with the CNDA members having sold and transferred hundreds of thousands of them for the public.

Success Stories

The CNDA is a respected campaigning body with strong links to the DVLA and DVA and the police authorities. Some of their recent successes include:

  • The introduction of new legislation – The Vehicle Registration Marks Act – in July 2007 was the result of a vigorous campaign by the CNDA paving the way for a simplified, fairer and more profitable cherished transfer regime.
  • In 2000 CNDA lobbying resulted in the re-instatement of car to motorcycle cherished number transfers, opening up a market that had been off limits for 18 years.

Did you know?

  • The first plate to be issued in London was A1. Earl Russell first acquired it in 1903 for his Napier motorcar. Today it is thought to be worth up to £1 million
  • On average, nearly 250,000 cherished number plates are sold each year
  • The DVLA has made more that £1 billion from the sale of cherished numbers since 1989
  • M1 commanded the highest price in the UK to date, selling for £331,500 at auction in 2006


To speak to a CNDA representative call them on : 020 7580 9122

For help and advice on any business related problem or query call the free RMIF Member Help line on: 01788 538 307/8/9

OR visit:

“The RMI Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (CNDA) represents dealers in personalised and attractive registrations who operate in the UK.

Our members not only buy and sell numbers, but provide a professional service for their efficient transfer”