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Number Plate Meaning

Here at Speedy Reg we are dedicated to providing you with helpful information on number plates. This page is about the language of number plates and is designed to help you decide on how best to substitute letter or digit combinations. At the bottom of this page is a useful guide to the most common substitutes to help you with your decision process.

There are many different types of languages when looking at number plates. They include

1) Roman numerals

2) substituting letter or digit combinations with something that looks similar to words 

3) a combination of both techniques. Doubles or triples can also be used to great effect see (77 instead of 7 or AAA instead of A) to create appropriate combinations of number plates.

The use of Roman Numerals in Plate Design

Roman numerals are a numeral system of ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet, which are combined to indicate the sum of their values. The main Roman numerals used when creating a car registration include V, X, L, and M. V, is the Roman symbol for 5, X means 10, L means 50, and M is 1,000. The Roman numeral that cannot be used in the language of plate speak is I meaning 1. However, in the language of number plates, I is replaced with 1 due to their visual similarity and meaning. This allows you to create a larger range of birthdays, ages and lucky number combinations.

Substituting Letter or Digit Combinations

The main idea behind substituted letters and numbers when designing a private number plate is to trick the brain into seeing combinations of recognisable symbols. This happens because typically a person goes briefly blind up to 200 times a minute, each time the eyes move while looking at a scene as if in strobe light, with objects jumping around, the mind blends the images so they seem continuous. This is how the process of substituting letter or digit combinations works and the language of number plates was born.

The main list of replacements in plate design is shown below, but like any list it is not completely definitive. For example, the number 11 can represent the letters H, M, N or U and the number 2 can represent the letters R or Z.

Speedy Reg can help you create and look for your ideal personalised number plate. This includes using your own language or if you are looking for a highly desirable number and letter combination. The main difficulty in creating a number plate language is the rules on spacing with year and letter combinations. Speedy Reg can again help you create and look for your ideal number plate. To find out more please contact one of our friendly customer service operators on 02866 387124 and they will be happy to help you buy the perfect personalised number plate.

You can create some excellent combinations of names and ages.  For example, a primary number plate of X1 JON has been sold or is currently not available, but by replacing O for D. You can create the combination X12 JDN which is currently on sale for £494 from Speedy Reg.

Please use the below list and then complete our online search to see if your combination is available. If you still require more assistance before you purchase please contact us on 02866 387124 for more information on personalised number plates.

A list of Common Substitutes of Letter or Digit Combinations

  • A 4
  • B 8 or 13
  • D 0
  • E 3
  • F 7
  • G 6
  • H 11
  • I 1
  • L 1 or I
  • N 1V
  • O 0
  • Q 0 or O
  • R 12
  • S 5
  • T 7
  • U V
  • V U
  • W VV
  • Y 7
  • 0 D or O
  • 1 I or L
  • 3 E
  • 4  A
  • 5  S
  • 6  C or G or B
  • 7  T or Y
  • 8  A or B
  • 9 G