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Cheap Suffix Number Plates and Prefix Number Plate

Have you just purchased a new vehicle and want a new cover number plate to change it's current number plate? Did you know we have cheap number plates from £10+VAT, plus £80 Transfer Fee ?

Suffix Registrations

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Prefix Registrations

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The age of your current vehicle can be important

You cannot make your vehicle look newer than it is by putting on a registration that was released later than your vehicle was.

For example, if your vehicle has a 1989 G registration, whether you are looking to put a H on that was released a year later, or a new 2020 plate on, it is not possible because they both make the vehicle look newer. You can put a 1988 F or earlier on, or one of our tens of thousands of dateless registrations as these can go onto any vehicle, regardless of how old or new it is. You can also buy the registration and keep it on a certificate to transfer to an elegible vehicle later. Click the detail button next to the registration you are interested in for more information, or give us a call.

What are Suffix Number Plates?

Suffix Number Plates consist of three letters, followed by one, two or three numbers and a single letter at the end, which is used to identify the age of the vehicle. Suffix plates were issued to new vehicles between February 1963 and July 1983. Suffix Number Plates are also known as Cover Number Plates. Some people who purchase a new vehicle but don't like its current number plate but don't want a personalised registration might opt for a cheap cover number


What are Prefix Number Plates?

Prefix Number Plates were issued to new vehicles between August 1983 and August 2001. They consist of one letter that helps identify the age of the vehicle, followed by one, two or three numbers and then three letters at the end.

Suffix Number Plates

A 1st Feb 63 - 31st Dec 63
B 1st Jan 64 - 31st Dec 64
C 1st Jan 65 - 31st Dec 65
D 1st Jan 66 - 31st Dec 66
E 1st Jan 67 - 31st Jul 67
F 1st Aug 67 - 31st Jul 68
G 1st Aug 68 - 31st Jul 69
H 1st Aug 69 - 31st Jul 70
J 1st Aug 70 - 31st Jul 71
K 1st Aug 71 - 31st Jul 72
L 1st Aug 72 - 31st Jul 73
M 1st Aug 73 - 31st Jul 74
N 1st Aug 74 - 31st Jul 75
P 1st Aug 75 - 31st Jul 76
R 1st Aug 76 - 31st Jul 77
S 1st Aug 77 - 31st Jul 78
T 1st Aug 78 - 31st Jul 79
V 1st Aug 79 - 31st Jul 80
W 1st Aug 80 - 31st Jul 81
X 1st Aug 81 - 31st Jul 82
Y 1st Aug 82 - 31st Jul 83


Prefix Number Plates

A 1st Aug 83 - 31st Jul 84
B 1st Aug 84 - 31st Jul 85
C 1st Aug 85 - 31st Jul 86
D 1st Aug 86 - 31st Jul 87
E 1st Aug 87 - 31st Jul 88
F 1st Aug 88 - 31st Jul 89
G 1st Aug 89 - 31st Jul 90
H 1st Aug 91 - 31st Jul 92
J 1st Aug 92 - 31st Jul 93
K 1st Aug 93 - 31st Jul 94
L 1st Aug 94 - 31st Jul 95
M 1st Aug 95 - 31st Jul 95
N 1st Aug 95 - 31st Jul 96
P 1st Aug 96 - 31st Jul 97
R 1st Aug 97 - 31st Jul 98
S 1st Aug 98 - 28th Feb 99
T 1st Mar 99 - 31st Aug 99
V 1st Sep 99  - 29th Feb 00
W 1st Mar 00 - 31st Aug 00
X 1st Sep 00 - 28th Feb 01
Y 1st Mar 01 - 31st Aug 01


For the majority of the suffix and prefix number plates, new releases have been once a year but towards the end of the prefix run, DVLA decided to change to a 6 monthly process so it went from an "Aug to Jul" yearly  to a "Sept to Feb" and "Mar to Aug" which is why the last few releases of the prefix plates went so quickly !