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You did not misread that title. You literally cannot find a cheaper registration number than here at SpeedyReg.  With thousands of low cost stock numbers, we have more low cost stock number plates than anyone else in the UK!. 

If you are looking to visually alter your vehicle - either a new vehicle or an older vehicle that  maybe you would prefer to keep people guessing as to how old it is, then a "dateless" registration is what you need, or, if one of our dated registrations is older than your current vehicle, that can go on instead. You cannot make a vehicle look newer but  you can make it look older. Making it look older does not stop you from altering the registration in future, as long as it is not newer than when the vehicle was first registered.  We have tens of thousands of available registrations for you but we have over a hundred numbers up to £40 +VAT and transfer fee. Browse the list below

Dateless Registrations

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Current Registrations

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