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Current Style Number Plates

The current prefix style of number plate was introduced by the DVLA in September 2001. The arrangement of the new type of number plate is 2 letters, then 2 digits, then 3 more letters. Some examples of the new design include, "MR10 YDS" and "YO12 KEY"

As always the most desirable combinations of plate design are the names of boys or girls names. Just remember when designing your number plate the letters, I, Q, Z, cannot be used in the formation of your plate design and you cannot apply a number plate to a vehicle, if it makes the vehicle appear newer than it is.

Here at Speedy Reg we want to help you find the number plate you are searching for. This is why we have developed two easy to use number plate searches. The first is for the new current style and the second is for the older prefix number plate.  Alternatively, you can call us on 02866 387124 if you would like to speak to one of our customer service team, who will be happy to help.

Prefix Number Plates

Prefix number plates were used from the 1st August 1983 until 31st August 2001. They have a letter at the beginning of the registration number which indicates the year that the registration number was first issued. This is followed by up to three numbers then up to 3 letters. E.g. F14 ALF. Remember, again the letters, I, Q, Z, cannot be used in any formation of your plate design.

There are still large combinations of prefix number plates available and the easiest way to research prefix number plates combinations is by completing a Speedy Reg search from our home page. It will allow you to quickly establish if the combination is still available and the search will also provide useful number plate alternatives that you may have not considered. A second benefit of using our search is the price for the number plate combination is displayed in a list. Therefore, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and purchase the correct combination at the right price.

Do Prefix Number Plates have Value? 

If you currently have a prefix number plate and would like a better understanding of its value then please contact a member of our customer service team and they will be happy to help. Normally the highest value prefix number plates are those with 2 digits or less. However, 3 letter combinations that can form names or abbreviated names can have an even greater value in some instances. Examples of 3 letter number plates could include TOM, SUE, SAM, BEN and can be valued highly.


Number Plate Styles Dates

Dateless number plates - 1903 to 1963
Suffix number plates - 1963 to 1983
Prefix number plates - 1983 to 2001
Current (new) style number plates - from 2001
Northern Irish number plates