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Vehicle Classifications

In the car industry, and therefore also the number plate industry we refer to certain vehicles based on their age or style.

 Veteran, Vintage, Classic / Modern Classic.  What do these mean ? We aim to explain

Officially a car made up to and including December 1918.

A vehicle made between 1919 and 1930 although often referred to under the "pre World War 2" terminology too

Classic / Modern Classic
A Classic is usually referred to as a vehicle which is no longer in production but is still popular, whereas Modern Classics tend to refer to iconic sports cars

Classic cars might be considered as models such as the MGB roadster, Triumph Stag, Austin Healey 3000 and Jaguar e-Type or mk2, and American cars like the Ford Mustang, whereas Modern Classics might be considered as an Aston Martin DB7, Ferrari Enzo

Some countries also have an Old Timer and Exotic classification but these tend to be European based and is not something we use in the UK