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The DVLA ( Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency ) is located in Swansea, South Wales. Amongst other duties, they maintain a list of all drivers and all registered vehicles and number plates within Britain. When transferring a registration from one vehicle (or a certificate) to another vehicle, there is a transfer fee to pay. This covers the administrative time for the DVLA to handle the paperwork. We include this transfer fee as part of your total purchase price so once purchased from us, you don't need to pay anything more to get it onto your vehicle.

In December 2013, the DVLA closed all their Local Offices. Therefore in order to transfer vehicle registrations, the paperwork has to be posted to the Swansea Central Processing Unit (CPU). Unfortunately this means that you can no longer bring your vehicle documents to the DVLA for transfer, they must all now be posted to the address below:



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