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Speedy Registrations offer some of the lowest prices and best deals in the industry for personalised number plates but our Dateless Reg Plates can go onto any age vehicle.

They are numbers which were not released for a specific year and so if you are looking for a low cost number that can go on your 1960's classic then look no further.

Dateless reg plates come in a variety of formats based on how many letters and numbers are in the registration and whether it's the letters or numbers that come first. All are dateless though and can go onto any vehicle.

This clever search facility allows you to see at a glance what we have available in our dateless range. Click on the style you are looking for below

1 letter, 1 number
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2 letters, 1 number
2 letters, 2 numbers
2 letters, 3 numbers
2 letters, 4 numbers
3 letters, 1 number
3 letters, 2 numbers
3 letters, 3 numbers
3 letters, 4 numbers
1 number, 1 letter
1 number, 2 letters
1 number, 3 letters
2 numbers, 1 letter
2 numbers, 2 letters
2 numbers, 3 letters
3 numbers, 1 letter
3 numbers, 2 letters
3 numbers, 3 letters
We found 765 results for a '3 letters, 1 number' search
You can also make use of our SpeedyFilter below, which allows you to look for particular letters or numbers within the results. Simply type in one or two letters/numbers within the Find in Results box and we will filter the list based on that also being in the registration

Dateless Registrations

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