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Soccer personalised number plates

Manchester United's great run boosts value of fan number plates

Supporters who bought personalised car number plates reflecting their enthusiasm for Manchester United in previous years when the team was not riding so high could have made a shrewd investment.

"The best of the MU plates currently available on the market - MU 3 - has escalated in value to over £30,000," reports Des Elton, founder and CEO of, the UK's leading dealers in dateless personalised vehicle registrations. "But there are still lots of bargains, some with good growth in value potential as investors seek alternative, higher yielding investment opportunities now that other markets are not performing as well."

For example, you can pick up MUI 3996 for only £189, although MUI 3 has gone up to £5,199 - some £25,000 less than MU 3, reflecting how the market puts a premium on such factors as single digits.

But if the same letters are combined with only one number, the value shoots up to over £5,000

As plates relating to soccer clubs or top players rise in value, there is a temptation among some fans and unscrupulous sellers to try to buck the system, for example by manipulating the spacing between the numbers and letters, changing the groupings and trying to use the mounting screws to change how a number looks.
But that is getting very risky with the increasing use of numberplate recognition cameras to monitor speeding and other traffic regulations, and to catch criminals. The police are really cracking down on dodgy plates and penalties can be as much as a £1,000 fine and confiscation of your vehicle.
Illicit plates sold online are a big problem - the only reliable sources of UK number plates are suppliers approved by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) who must identify themselves and give the British Standard details on the plates.
Plates for players' fans
Fans of the ever-popular Ryan Giggs can get this plate from 
It is unique in spelling out his name - the numerals 6 and 9 act as the letter S - and 11 is his shirt number.
With Wayne Rooney staging a comeback, fans might be interested in R00 793 at £6,200, or ROO 173Y at £13,000. However, with Nani doing so well in recent games, plates ranging from NAN 970X at about £750 to NAN 70N at over £15,000 might be appealing.
However, with Evra and Rafael being so on form and heading the Man of the Match poll against Wigan, then P556 RAF at £295 and RAF 537Y at £680, or VR 50N at £2,630 or A19 EVR at £199 are possibilities. has made it easy for soccer fans to search its database of nearly 50 million UK vehicle registration numbers for plates that reflect support for any of the leading clubs and players. The more a supporter knows about a club or player, the more likely he or she is to find a good deal with investment potential. It's a fun way to shop for Christmas presents.
Examples include MUI 7227 for £199, MUI 1920 or MUI 5454 or MUI 7863 £220, MUI 5335 £250, MUI 5895 £295, MUI 656 £299.00, MUI 5500 £350, MUI 377 £380, MUI 585 £420, MUI 176 or MUI 212 or MUI 717 or MUI 727 or MUI 929 all at £450.