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Dateless Registrations

Dateless registrations can go onto any vehicle, regardless of its age - whether a brand new one, just off the showroom floor or a 40 year old vehicle. Dateless registrations are built up of between 1 and 3 letters and between 1 and 4 numbers. The shorter the plate, the more prized it is.

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Suffix Registrations

Suffix Registrations - named because the age of the release (letters A through to Y with Q,U,I and O ignored) is at the end of the registration - were released between 1963 and 1982. These registrations are relatively scarce because of their age although they make a great personalised registration number

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Prefix Registrations

Prefix Registrations - named because the age of the release is at the start of the registration - were released in 1983 and were on vehicles until March 2001 when the letter Y finished the run (Z isnt used). These can provide a great low cost registration option.

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Current Registrations

In September 2001, the current style number plates were introduced. This new system follows the 2-digit year identifier and three letter format, for example MR10 PEZ (Mr Lopez). The digits 10 relate to the year 2010. Each year, new number plates are released in March, for example 03,04,12,13,15 etc, and September for example 51,52,63, 64 etc. Therefore in March 2016, the year indicator is 16 and September it is 66.

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The age of your current vehicle can be important

You cannot make your vehicle look newer than it is by putting on a registration that was released later than your vehicle was.

For example, if your vehicle has a 1989 G registration, whether you are looking to put a H on that was released a year later, or a new 2016 plate on, it is not possible because they both make the vehicle look newer. You can put a 1988 F or earlier on, or one of our tens of thousands of dateless registrations as these can go onto any vehicle, regardless of how old or new it is. You can also buy the registration and keep it on a certificate to transfer to an elegible vehicle later. Click the detail button next to the registration you are interested in for more information, or give us a call.