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Australians Want a Piece of the Action
Vic Roads, the equivalent of the DVLA in Victoria, Australia, have begun selling license plates that use the European style.
Vic Roads claim that it’s so all the imported European cars that exist in Australia can finally have license plates that are the right size and shape for them, instead of having the smaller plates that Australian-made cars are fitted with. On European made cars, these smaller plates leave a large area of empty space around them, something a lot of people consider unsightly.
The hope is that people will want to make their cars look like the designers intended, and so will be eager to purchase these plates for their imported cars.
This is just another level of customisation that number plates can now have, and whilst we doubt the UK will allow registration plates that copy the style of other countries’, there’s nothing to stop you from picking up something like the plate “IM10 OZY” to inject a little of that Australian sunshine into your own car.