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Northern Ireland Transfers

Interested in transferring your UK based DVLA registration onto your Northern Ireland Registered vehicle ?

Being based in Northern Ireland, Speedy Registrations are ideally placed to help you transfer your UK number plate across to a Northern Irish vehicle. The registration number must be assigned to a UK registered vehicle (registered with DVLA Swansea) and then transferred to a Northern Irish (DVA) registered vehicle. Either call us on or fill out the enquiry form below so that we can cost the transfer process for you. If you dont have a UK (DVLA) registered vehicle to transfer the number to in order to get it to a Northern Ireland vehicle, we can supply the use of one of our 150 UK registered vehicles specifically set aside for this transfer process, at £100+VAT. Please also note that there will be an additional Transfer Fee of £80 payable to DVA (Northern Ireland) at the final stage of the transfer.