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Briefing for UK Fleet Managers and public and private sector officials seeking to maximise potential returns from sales of vehicle registration numbers.

How do I generate extra revenue from my fleet without selling any vehicles, using any fuel or spending any money?

The simple answer is to exploit the potentially significant hidden assets among the registration numbers of your vehicles.

But there are dangers unless you proceed cautiously, just as you should with any other business transaction. However much you may know about the motor business and managing fleets, the market for cherished personalised number plates is a very specialised business and has shown such potentially rich pickings that the sharks are circling it looking for ripe opportunities.

But, with an informed and careful approach, you can release equity from your fleet's registration numbers. Some of the best prospects for realising the value of existing registrations are hidden among the millions of vehicles in UK fleets. That is creating many opportunities for fleet managers.

As an essential first step, ensure that you have expert, reliable advice. So only get involved with dealers with established business reputations who are recognised by the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)and who belong to organisations with enforceable codes of conduct.

Finding what you think is a cherished number in your fleet, putting an ad for it on eBay and hoping for the best results is not the way to go!

But spending just a little time studying this briefing ebook will provide you with the advice and information to help you to get the maximum value from cherished numbers in your fleet.