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DVLA Auction Registrations

Several times a year, the DVLA hold auctions to make available previously unreleased personalised registrations. These auctions usually take place in hotels around the country but they can also carry out online auctions too. 

Our Bidding Service

The next DVLA auction is being held on 18th, 19th and 20th September 2019

If you would like us to bid on your behalf,  please be aware there is an 8% Auction fee to be added to the final hammer price as well as VAT and £80 Dept. of Transport fee -  we charge £200 +VAT as a service of bidding on your behalf and providing you with valuable infromation on the possible price the registration may achieve.

Our representatives attend every auction and  with 35 years experience in selling registrations we have a high success rate in securing your desired number on your behalf.  

We also pride ourselves on our highly commended aftersales service of either assigning your chosen number to your vehicle at no extra charge or we can arrange for the number to be issued on a V750 certificate of entitlement and posted to you for future reference.

For further information and guidance on price please simply click on the number you are interested in and fill in your contact details, we will then contact you to discuss further.



The total price shown of £644.00 is the MINIMUM price that you will pay.

JAG 774R
This number is in the upcoming auction with a reserve price of £250. Being an auction means we cannot guarantee that you will get the number, but if you are interested, we can bid on your behalf. Please provide details below and we will be in touch.
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