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Car Registration

Car Registrations used to be simply a means of identifying a vehicle, however this has now changed as more and more people are purchasing personalised number plates for their vehicle to make them stand out. From cheap Irish registrations to more prestigious old English dateless registrations, people are snapping up these car registrations for their vehicles. Car Registrations range from £40 up to six figure sums. The price of a car registration will depend on the age of the vehicle, how many that are available, how popular the registration is. There will also be transfer fee of either £80/£105/£160 applicable to all transfers.

Over the past 10 years the way to find your new car registration has dramatically changed. Before the growth of the Internet the only way to find a new car registration would be purchasing various newspapers and magazines and looking through various lists of registrations. Nowadays with the use of the Internet it is far easier to search for your car number plates. However with so many car registrations to choose from it would be easy to become overwhelmed, however with the use of the internet a new car registration can be found with ease.

If you have been using the Speedy Registration website you will have experienced for yourself how quickly and easily we can help you find the perfect number plate. If you have not yet tried one of our searches for your number plate it could not be simpler. Enter in the search box, names, initials or just random words and we can find your perfect number plate.

There are basically two types of Car Registrations:

  • Irish Registrations
  • Mainland UK Registrations

With the mainland UK registrations split into

- Suffix Registrations
- Prefix Registrations
- Current Style Registrations
- Dateless Registrations


Irish Registrations

These can sometimes be defined as Cheap Irish Registrations. For example they range from £40 plus VAT plus Transfer Fee. However in recent days the Irish Registrations have become more expensive for example BIG 1 was sold in April 2006 for £80,000.

Mainland UK Registrations

These registrations start from £199 plus VAT plus Transfer Fee for Prefix combination such as W9 NGS.

Once a car registration has been assigned to your car there will be no further costs involved, you are free to start "cruising" with your new registration and be the envy of your fellow car drivers.