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You clicked through from Auto Trader and can now buy some of the cheapest plates available online! And because you've come from Auto Trader you get even better value with our amazing offer

Our range of £99 and under cheap registration plates are ideal to hide the age of your vehicle for a low cost, and we have tens of thousands of other registrations which might meet your name, surname, initials, vehicle type or similar requirements.


 There are thousands of dateless plates (1,2 or 3 letters and up to 4 numbers)  that can go onto any vehicle, no matter how old or new, and Speedy Registrations are the leading UK supplier in low cost dateless plates -  with many from just £40 !

Auto Trader Special

Not only are we the cheapest place online to buy dateless number plates but because you have come from our Auto Trader advert, if you use the special discount code you will get a FREE personalised air freshener (an example shown top right) with your personalised registration number on it. Our unique personalised car air fresheners are customised to show the registration you buy from us 

So how do you do it?

Simply enter the code 




on the order page into the promotion code box. You do not need to select the air freshener on the order form - we will despatch one to you based on the promotion code you entered.

Looking for something different?


We have thousands of dateless registration numbers (can go onto any vehicle) in the popular 3 x 3 format (3 letters and 3 numbers) and our numbers from £40 can hide the age of your vehicle for very little cost



Dateless Number Plates

Dateless plates do not have the same restrictions as other plate types - they can be assigned to any vehicle. They are made up of a group of up to 3 letters and up to 4 numbers, either way around - i.e 381 KWP or KWP 381.

You will get the best results to view if you search for either letters OR numbers - i.e. searching for any BAZ plate or any plate with a 911 number. Registrations with fewer letters or fewer numbers are rarer than 3 letters with 4 numbers

Dateless Plate

Current Style Numberplates

This is the style currently available when you buy a vehicle now. Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they have a 2 digit year identifier, and 5 available letters, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).

New style number plates

Prefix Number Plates

Prefix number plates were issued up until March 2001 and have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

Prefix style number plates