Personalised Number Plates don’t have to be Pricey

Upcoming Northern Irish Number Plates - Speedyreg
Upcoming Northern Irish Number Plates – Speedyreg

If you’ve always fancied a private plate but thought they’d be out of your price range, then we’ve got some good news for you. Of course you can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a personalised number plate, and many rock stars and billionaire business people do, but you don’t have to be a loaded A-list celebrity to be able to afford a private plate.

The secret of Northern Ireland number plates

What many people living in the UK don’t realise, is that it’s totally legal to have a Northern Ireland number plate on your vehicle, and these plates are actually very cheap. The number plate system of Northern Ireland is different, so they automatically stand out from the crowd when you use them elsewhere and have that ‘personalised’ feel to them. So if you’re on a budget when you’re shopping for a private plate, Northern Ireland plates are well worth looking at.

A cheap option for your older vehicle

If you have an old car, but you’re not ready to part with it, you may feel as if the only thing letting it down is the number plate that tells everyone that you’re driving a really old vehicle. No matter how much you’ve polished it and how new it looks, that plate will always give away the real age of your car. But, if you swap your plates for Irish plates you can solve this problem, because Irish plates have another secret. They are all dateless! So not only do you get a personalised number plate, but you also get to hide the age of your older vehicle. There’s just no way of dating a car from an Irish number plate, so no one can determine the age of your car by looking at the plate.

So many Irish plates to choose from

We have a huge selection of Northern Ireland plates in stock, and with each region having a different prefix, you’ve got plenty of options. Check out our infographic to see the current prefixes and what’s coming up next. With prices starting at under £100 these really are a brilliant bargain and you can see all the Irish plates we have for sale on our website.

Northern Irish Number Plates – Speedyreg