Irish number plates are plates from Northern Ireland. You can display an Irish plate on your UK registered vehicle. Irish plates are dateless, so you can put any Irish plate on a vehicle of any age. Our Irish plates are very well priced, so it’s a good, cheap way to hide the age of your vehicle.

Irish plates have a prefix that denotes where the plate was registered, followed by 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers. The plates always have either an I or a Z in them. The plates are generally shorter than the UK DVLA plates we’re used to seeing and so have that truly personalised look about them; they are very attractive, at a fraction of the cost of a similar looking DVLA plate.

We have the largest stock of Irish plates in the UK, including over 5000 plates that we have stored on motorbikes, ready to be transferred to your vehicle.

Buying an Irish plate isn’t complicated, we’ll take care of you throughout the process which should take around 3-5 weeks from receipt of your documents. Every week we transfer between 150 and 200 Irish plates to UK vehicles, so you can see, they are very popular!

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