About Us

We started selling personalised number plates way back in 1984, so we’re about to celebrate 30 years in business! We started out in a garden shed, though our humble starting location had some interesting roots as the property was once owned by the Eadie family, motoring pioneers who were the first owners of a horseless carriage to be given a registration plate in County Fermanagh. We thought this was very apt!

However, as the business expanded, we couldn’t work from a shed forever, so now we have fabulous custom built premises with plenty of space for our large customer service team, several mechanics, and thousands of motorbikes bearing plates ready and waiting to be transferred onto other vehicles.

Over the years our reputation has grown. We are now the leading dealer in dateless Irish number plates and we have the largest stock too. We’ve also streamlined our processes, resulting in the fastest transfers in the marketplace. Our customer service team are now available to answer your calls or emails seven days a week, and we’re also open outside of the standard working hours, so you can get in touch at a time to suit you

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