Exciting New Irish Number Plate Combinations Currently Being Issued CGZ


Are you looking for a new personalised plate that’s a bit out of the ordinary but without breaking the bank? Then take a look at the latest selection of Irish plates we have on offer on our website at www.speedyreg.co.uk . Our Irish plates offer you some letter combinations that you may never have seen before such as CGZ. Or perhaps you’ll like the look of AGZ or RIG.

People sometimes wonder how it is that we can legally sell these plates when these letter combinations are not allowed in the UK. The answer is simple. You can legally display an NI plate on any UK vehicle. While the plates look different, because Ireland have a different number plate system, there is nothing stopping you buying one of these Irish plates and putting it on UK vehicle.

Because our business is based in Ireland, where we’ve been dealing in Irish plates for over 30 years, we have plenty of inside knowledge and some fab contacts in the industry so your purchase of Irish plates will go through fast and totally stress free.

We sell an awful lot of Irish plates to customers in the rest of the UK and that number seems to be increasing year on year. It may be due to these unusual letter combinations that you can’t get anywhere else, it may be because all Irish plates are dateless, but I think the most important factor that explains the popularity of Irish plates is simply the price. When it comes down to it we all like to get a bargain, and when you look at our Irish plates the first thing you’ll notice is that the prices are very low compared to standard DVLA plates. Every Irish plate is a real bargain.

Take a look for yourself using our search engine and you’ll see that our Irish plates start at just £40. We have literally thousands of Irish plates available for under a hundred pounds, so even on a limited budget we can still spoil you with plenty of choice.

If you’re a born bargain hunter, you should also remember to keep a beady eye on our Cheap Plates page where we regularly put our plates on specially reduced prices. Our Irish plates are cheap, but find one you like that’s also been reduced in price and you’ll be snapping up a massive saving.