Changes to your MOT during cherished transfer


Did you know that all of your vehicle information including tax expiry and MOT expiry is now available online using the vehicle enquiry service? Since October 2014 the DVLA no longer issue tax discs and this was the beginning of a move to reduce admin and paperwork issued from them. Following this in March 2015 DVLA no longer issue a replacement MOT certificate during a cherished transfer, therefore it is no longer necessary to send an MOT certificate with your paperwork when completing a transfer.

Rules have also changed in Northern Ireland. Since DVLA are no longer issuing MOT certificates it is no longer necessary to display your MOT disc in the windscreen of your vehicle. A new style of MOT certificate has also been introduced in Northern Ireland and is simply a sheet of paper with the test date, expiry date and MOT details. The new style of certificate is similar to that of mainland GB, however unlike the mainland you still have to have your vehicle tested in your local government approved MOT centre.

It is still necessary to have a valid MOT on your vehicle if it is over 3 years of age (or over 4 years of age in Northern Ireland) if you want to transfer a number to your vehicle, however if you are selling your registration it is not necessary to have a valid MOT provided the vehicle has been declared off the road (SORN), the last tax expired within the last 5 years, there was no break in the SORN or no change of keeper carried out.

Vehicle legislation can be a complete mine field with rules and regulations changing regularly. If you are purchasing a registration or selling one and are unsure where you stand in terms of the transfer why not speak to a reputable registration dealer such as Speedy Registrations, who have been in the business for over 30 years. Their sales and admin team will be able to guide you through the process and will handle all paperwork for you, liaising directly with the DVLA.