A new private registration for the summer


We are fast approaching summer however with all the mixed weather we have been experiencing lately you could be mistaken for thinking we are still in the depths of winter. Its not all doom and gloom though and despite our notorious bad whether here in the UK we do have our moments of blissful sunshine.

If you are lucky enough to spend half the year abroad and half the year at home you obviously enjoy the sun so why not show your love of the sun on a private number plate. Speedy Reg have quite a few sun related registrations available on retention now ready to be transferred to your vehicle. Not everyone wants a private registration with their name on it so a hobby registration or a quirky registration is often the next option.

If you are a sun lover D15 SUN or X100 SUN are among a large list of sun related private registrations available to buy today on our website. If you would prefer a dateless registration why not consider the French equivalent ‘sol’ if you spend some of your time in France or often take your car back and forward to France SOL 592 is an excellent choice and be transferred to any age of vehicle.

You could also choose an SOI registration, which looks like sol when displayed on a number plate. As well as being dateless they are also excellent value for money as despite being so few available on the market they are very reasonably priced. SOI 9205 for example is listed at the very reasonable price of £450 plus Transfer Fees and VAT.

If you have spotted the right registration for you but just cannot afford to purchase it outright, why not have a look at our finance option, which is buy now pay later at 0% interest over one year. If in doubt why not give one of our sales team a call on 02866 387124 to discuss your options or just enquire through our website and we will be in touch with you.