Thomas Number Plates available


The name Thomas means twin. It would get a bit confusing if you had twins and called them both Thomas, but still, it’s a popular name. Everyone knows a Thomas, a Tom or a Tommy. It’s not just a boys name. I have a female cat called Tommy, it’s short for Thomasina, I’m sure you’re really pleased to hear this fascinating fact aren’t you? While the feline version doesn’t have much use for a private plate, you can’t eat it and it’s not terribly comfortable to sleep on, human Thomas’s can now get their very own Thomas private number plate such as THZ 1171. We have loads of great TOM plates too, at very reasonable prices. We have 88 TOM available to buy right now. We also have TOM 777E and for just £594 you could pick up AD02 TOM. So you don’t need the salary of Tom Cruise to get a great TOM personalised license plate. All of our TOM plates are available on 0% finance. Just choose finance at the checkout and benefit from spreading your payments over 12 months with no interest to pay.

So, if you’re a Thomas, how do you go about buying a TOM or a THZ plate? Well it’s very easy, just type either TOM or THZ into our search engine and hit ‘SEARCH’. It really couldn’t be simpler. Next you’ll see loads of great plates with your name on. All of the plates you see are available to buy immediately. So, you can either click the BUY NOW button to be directed to our straightforward checkout procedure, or if you would like more information about our service or have any questions that you’d like answering, the click on the ENQUIRE button next to the plate you’re interested in. This will let us know which plate your query is regarding and so we’ll be able to help you faster and more efficiently.

If you’re ready to buy, then the process is very easy. Just fill out a simple form and choose your payment option. Don’t forget, if you want us to provide the physical plates for you, you can order these at checkout for just £24 a set (including VAT). On this page we also offer a fun personalised car air freshener, featuring your new license plate! Select the tick box to order an air freshener and it’s yours for just £6 including VAT. You don’t need to worry about the security of your details. Your electronic payment is encrypted, right from your PC to the payment provider. We can’t see your card details, and perhaps more importantly, neither can anyone else. It’s totally secure all the way. You can pay outright, or you can pay a 25% deposit, either way, this secures your plate for up to four weeks, within which you need to get your documents, and any remaining payment to us. Remember, the faster we get your paperwork and payment, the faster we can get your fabulous new TOM plates to you!