What is a Cherished Number Plate?


What is a cherished number plate? Well if you think about it at the most basic level, it’s fairly obvious, a number plate that the owner cherishes! In other words, a plate that is special to them, not just your average selection of seemingly random letters and numbers, but a plate that has meaning to the owner. Basically a cherished number plate is the same as a private or a personalised number plate. A plate that has been chosen by the owner rather than allocated to them by the DVLA. Generally, when you buy a car, you have no say over the characters on the license plate. Now you can rest assured that it won’t say something offensive as these are not allowed to be issued, but you are not likely to get a plate that represents any meaningful words or numbers unless you get very lucky and just happen to get a plate with your initials or your birthday on!

If you want a plate that’s a bit more special, that says something about you, a plate you can cherish, then you need to choose and buy one yourself. In the past it seemed that only the ultra rich and famous had cherished plates, but these days they are becoming more and more popular as private plates are now available at very low prices. As an example, we have hundreds of plates available for under £100. So you don’t need to be a millionaire rock star to own a private plate these days.

People pick their plates for many reasons. Choosing a private plate is lots of fun as there are so many to choose from. It’s great thinking up words, letters and important numbers and searching for which plates match. At Speedy Reg we have so many plates, you’ll always find one that suits your requirements. Perhaps you want your name on your plate? Name plates are especially easy to find if your name or nickname is three letters long such as SUE, PAT, REG or BOB. Or perhaps you have a date you want to be reminded of every time you look at your car. Your own birthday, your wedding date or perhaps the date of birth of a child.

You may want a plate that expresses your personality such as FUN 3Y or ACE 5S or you might even want to choose a plate that helps with advertising your business such as PET 2, WEB 55N or IT 3026.

Whatever the reason is for choosing a plate, it’s a plate you have chosen yourself and that is what makes it a cherished plate. We specialise in cherished plates, and we also offer dateless plates, of course you can have a plate that is both personalised to your requirements and dateless too, so you can still have a cherished number plate if your main aim is to hide the age of your older vehicle. Take a look at what we have on offer, and don’t forget to check out our cheap plates page too with some massive reductions on a huge range of plates.