Driveway: Should you patch, resurface or replace?


Any work that has to be carried out on your home can always bring with it complications. You have to make the right decision when having any job done, whether it’s simply painting a room indoors or working on your driveway.

You don’t want to waste money and you will also want the result of the work to last as long as possible. Deciding whether to have your driveway replaced or resurfaced can become a dilemma, so make sure you get the right advice.

The whole of your home’s exterior is important

If your driveway needs upgrading this might be the ideal time to either replace it with a different type of covering, such as block paving, which will last for a long time, or you may choose to have a simple gravel drive. And if you’re going with block paving, you might also have to do some Garden Paving to suit the driveway. You might be surprised to learn that driveways can be painted so if you go for block paving or flagstones you can apply a colourful finish. Just ensure you buy the right kind of specialist paint – click here for some amazing ranges.

Garage floors and driveways

If you already have a garage and the floor could do with sealing to prevent any damp coming through there are few options to choose from. One of these is to apply a floor sealant and crack filler; it can be carried out by you, cutting down on labour costs and time. As long as the floor in your garage or carport is in good condition you can paint an anti-slip coating onto the floor and feel safe in the knowledge that no one will fall and the damp will be kept at bay.

Concrete driveways and repairs

Many houses have driveways leading onto their property and surface cracking can become a big problem. An article in the Telegraph gives some basic ideas on how to repair your concrete drive, especially if it starts to show signs of wear and tear. It’s always better to repair something before problems get worse otherwise the costs will increase. Once you see signs of damage on the concrete it is best to break away any loose material and vacuum away any dust, then wash down with water. Unless you are going to replace a large area then you should fill the gap with flexible outdoor filler depending on the size of the hole.

Make sure your driveway surface is safe

An article in the Express should serve as a warning. A couple from Blackburn thought they would save money by having their driveway coated with resin rather than replace it, but after two years the cracks came back and the whole drive needed doing again. When they tried to claim on the guarantee they discovered that it wasn’t valid and are now taking the company to court. If you are going to have any work carried out on any part of your home it is always a good idea to check online to see what others think of the company and what the final product looks like and whether it has lasted the test of time.