When you buy your car, it will usually come with a standard DVLA number plate. These plates feature certain characters that identify the year of issue, so everyone knows just how old your vehicle is! Not everyone wants this information displayed on their car for everyone to see, so a dateless plate is the ideal solution if you’re looking to hide the age of your car or motorbike.

We have a massive selection of dateless plates, including our budget range starting from just £99, making disguising the age of your vehicle cheaper than you might think. We’ve also got many other stunning dateless plates to suit every budget, so you can have a great personalised plate as well as hiding the age of your car.

You might like to check out our 3×3 range, these are plates that feature three letters and three numbers. These stylish plates have that highly personalised look, and we’ve so many of them available, you’re bound to find one that is just perfect for you.

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