January 1st 2021 signals changes for UK number plates

Speedyreg- New Number Plates Rules

There’s no doubt that Brexit is going to cause some major disruptions for the UK and there is going to be a whole host of changes. Even now, with the Brexit deadline so close, we can only really make a few educated guesses as to quite how far reaching these changes will be. We could be in for a difficult time come January, with food shortages likely, particularly of fresh produce, and price hikes for those products we can get hold of. These issues could be just around the corner now a no-deal Brexit looks like a distinct possibility, and people rush to fill their cupboards in preparation for potential shortages. Concerns over medication supply are a worry for many and already there is a backlog of containers and lorries as stores try to rapidly fill their shelves with the rush of Christmas shoppers quickly depleting stocks. Travel will also be affected, with our rights to travel freely throughout the EU being revoked. We’ll need VISAs to travel around Europe and the usual fuss-free immigration processes will likely be more convoluted and time consuming. But hey, next time you renew your passport you’ll have a lovely new blue one!

How Brexit will affect vehicle owners

For drivers there are some further changes. If you’re planning on driving through Europe, you’ll now legally need to display a white oval GB sticker on your vehicle.  You’ll also be unable to get the EU star symbol on a new plate once the EU exit transition period is over. So from the 1st of January 2021, the EU symbol will no longer be allowed to be used. If you already have the EU symbol on your plates, there’s no need to change them though. It’s perfectly legal to drive a car with the EU symbol on the plate, as long as it was fixed to the vehicle before 1st Jan 2021. However, it no longer allows you drive within Europe without a GB oval sticker, so you’ll still need to get one of those.

What other options are there?

If you like the idea of having a symbol on your number plate, then while you can’t have the EU logo any longer, there are some other options as you can instead have a national flag with identifying letters. Your options are the Union Flag, the Cross of St, George, The Cross of St Andrew (Saltire) or the Red Dragon of Wales.

 Or you could go green

Or for something entirely different, there’s now a new option of a green flash for zero emission vehicles. A great way to show off your green credentials and they can be retro fitted to existing qualifying vehicles as well as new ones. The green flash is plain, but you are also allowed to add one of the above regional emblems on top of the green background. However, if you’re just not keen on the colour green, or simply prefer plain number plates, then you don’t have to have it, it’s entirely optional. For those interested, if you’d like to see the exact shade, it’s Pantone 7481c. To be eligible for the green flash, you’ll need a vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions, so that’s fully electric, or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are not permitted to display the green flash plates. There are no limits with regards to vehicle type, so buses, motorbikes and HGVs are all entitled to use the green flash where eligible.

Ensure you have the right plates with Speedy Reg

The requirements for registration plates do change, but when you order your physical number plates from us, you can rest assured that we make all our plates to fully conform to the latest standards, from quality materials. All our plates are fully road legal and very robust. If you display illegal number plates, such as those not made from the correct materials, or using an incorrect font, you can be liable for a maximum fine of £1000, even if you’re completely unaware that your plates are not actually road legal. It’s also worth mentioning that this fine could be given to you if your number plate is so dirty it can’t be read easily, so even if you’re 100% sure your number plates are legal, it’s always a good idea to check them regularly to ensure they’re clean. If you drive off-road or on dirt tracks, it might be a good idea to keep a pack of wet wipes in the car’s glove box. Two minutes spent wiping your number plates is far preferable to a hefty fine and much less annoying!

We also have a fast turnaround so you won’t be waiting long for your plates to arrive in the post. We know that when you’ve chosen a fantastic new private number plate, it can be so frustrating waiting for the plates to arrive so you can get them on your vehicle and get out and about enjoying them, so we make sure they get to you as fast as possible. We’re not called Speedy Reg for nothing!