What Will Black Friday 2020 Bring Us?

Speedyreg – Black Friday 2020

Thinking back to Black Friday 2019, so much has changed hasn’t it? We used to stroll around the shops, without really giving it a thought. This year, most of the shops are shut due to the latest lockdowns and restrictions, and when we can visit a shop for essentials, we have to wear masks and keep our distance from each other. No more stopping for a chat with friends in the aisles any more. It’s a different world we live in now and who knows when we’ll be back to the Black Friday shopping style of the past. But, we won’t let a global pandemic get in the way of us getting a bargain. Thank goodness for the Internet! Many local shops are offering click and collect services and of course there are so many fantastic online businesses, delivering your items straight to your door. It’s safe and it’s easy, so there’s no need to miss out on Black Friday this year. You can put your feet up and go shopping from the comfort of your own home. No mask required!

The true story of Black Friday

Black Friday of course originated in the US, and many people believe that the day is called Black Friday because it’s the day when shop accounts go from being in the red, to being in the black, i.e. people are out there spending money between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the shops are making a tidy profit. However, the actual story is that Black Friday refers to the stock market crash in 1869. The ‘red to black’ line was brought in to put a more positive spin on it, however efforts to rename the day Bright Friday have been attempted but it just hasn’t caught on. Now Black Friday has reached our shores, and has spread throughout the world, it’s unlikely a name change will ever happen.

We know not to drink and drive…

We all know the dangers of drink driving, but what about the dangers of drink shopping? A survey in the US reported that 12% of Black Friday shoppers are under the influence of alcohol! I reckon that’s pretty dangerous. I wonder if they wake up in the morning and regret their Black Friday ‘bargains’! Perhaps the biggest problem of online shopping is that it’s just so easy to click that ‘BUY’ button when you’re shopping at 3am, in your pyjamas.

Are you a big fan of Black Friday?

If you’re a 2 car household, and you simply love Black Friday, you could team up these two fab plates to celebrate your favourite day. Of course you should buy them both on Black Friday to make it an even better story to tell. Our best Black Friday plates are… BLA 66K and FR17 DAY.

Or just a fan of Friday!

Our super FR17 DAY plate is ideal for anyone who simply loves that Friday feeling! But if you’ve got another favourite day of the week we’ll have a great plate for you too. You could have A3 MON, L4 TUE, 30 WED, T22 THU, 5 SAT or SUN 2. If you’re rich and famous, you could have a different plate on a different car for every day of the week!

Everyday low prices at Speedy Reg

Black Friday is well known for impulse purchases. It’s so tempting isn’t it? You see that low price and you feel you need to snap it up before the shop sells out, or they put the prices back up as soon as Black Friday ends. Here at Speedy Reg, we understand that sometimes buying a private registration plate is a big deal. Depending on your choice, you could be investing a large sum of money in your new plate, and of course, with so many fantastic plates to choose from, just selecting your plate can be time consuming. So we don’t want to rush you! We want you to take your time, gather your ideas, do lots of searches on our website and put together a short list of your favourite plates so you can discuss the choices at your leisure, with your family and friends. We don’t want you to panic buy your new plates, we want you to buy the plates that are absolutely perfect for you. That’s why we have checked all our prices to ensure they all offer the very best deal, this Black Friday and for every other day of the week. So you can take your time and choose your new plates at your leisure. Whenever you’re ready, you’ll find the same amazing low prices.

Have a great Black Friday

For all you online shoppers, we do hope you find some bargains, and we’d love you to stop by and check out our latest private plate deals. Stay safe everyone!