Things are Starting to Get Spooky at SpeedyReg!

Hallween at Spookyreg – Speedyreg

Was that a ghost I just saw? Oh no, that was just our director Des in a white shirt. Did a bat just fly past or was it Craig being naughty and throwing a paper aeroplane? Things are certainly becoming a little scary around here, and if anyone dares to mistake me for a pumpkin I’ll certainly be turning into an angry witch and won’t hesitate to turn everyone into frogs!

So what ghoulish goings on will be happening here at the SpeedyReg offices? Well we do love to go all out for Halloween. Our motley crew already resemble The Addams Family so we’re halfway there but of course, there’s plenty more Halloween fun to be had!

Terrifying (or not so scary) pumpkins!

A pumpkin carving competition brings out the competitive spirit of the team. Many people think of Halloween as primarily an American holiday, but did you know that pumpkin carving actually started right here in Ireland? The story is a great one to tell on Halloween so do share it with your family. It all started with Stingy Jack, a notorious Irishman who tricked the devil for financial gain. Being a dodgy geezer, when Jack died, God wasn’t keen on having him making heaven look untidy, so he refused to let him in. So off he went down to the devil where he rightly belonged. But, like elephants, the devil never forgets, and he remembered Jack was the trickster who scammed him, so the devil refused him entry to hell. With nowhere to go, Jack roams the earth for all eternity.

Now you don’t want Stingy Jack turning up at your house do you? So to keep his evil spirit at bay, the key is to carve a Jack-o’-lantern. So you might be wandering how the Irish got hold of so many pumpkins, they’re not so common in Ireland but in actual fact, the first Jack-o’-lanterns were made out of turnips, which actually probably look a lot scarier than a pumpkin! It was only when the Irish immigrants travelled to America that pumpkins became the norm as pumpkins were more readily available there than turnips.

So yes, we’ll all be carving pumpkins, or perhaps we’ll go with turnips this year to keep things traditionally Irish? The results as always are bound to be mixed. Someone will go overboard and create an intricate pumpkin masterpiece, while others (naming no names but you know who you are) will submit a pumpkin with some random holes in it and tell us it’s ‘modern art’, when in actual fact it simply went horribly wrong and they couldn’t be bothered to try again.

The perfect plates for Jacks – Stingy or otherwise!

If your name is Jack, we’re sure you’re much nicer than Stingy Jack and no on will ever have to carve vegetables to keep you at bay. So we think you deserve a lovely treat and we’ve got two amazing JACK plates for you. How do you fancy JAC 11K or JAC 111K? Both these private number plates are for sale right now. If you’d like either or them then simply type JACK into the search box on our website or just give us a call.

Crazy, creepy and kooky costumes!

Dressing up at Halloween is pretty much essential. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if ever I run the country, I’ll bring in a law to make it compulsory. So just in case I ever get voted into office you need to have your Halloween costume ideas at the ready. Of course, you may also want a haunted* private plate to go with your costume so we’ve picked out some suggestions for you.

So, fancy donning a black leotard, tights, ears and a tail? Then you could be a Halloween spooky black witches cat and you can have the most amazing plate… CAT 1 or perhaps 22 CAT?

If you’re going as a warty old witch, then you’ll want a private plate for that broomstick that makes you stand out from the coven. How about W32 TCH?

For anyone who forgot to get their costume ready, there’s always the old faithful ‘cut a couple of holes in a bed sheet and call yourself a ghost’ option. For you we’ve got the terrifyingly spooky GHO 57Y and GHO 557T.

Gruesome goblins can pick out GOB 58N, bloodsucking bats can have the brilliant 1 BAT and we’ve got a wide range of low priced ZOM plates such as DO07 ZOM and GO03 ZOM, perfect for the undead!

Happy Halloween!

Yes, we’ll definitely be going all out to make Halloween fun this year and we hope you will too! Have a creepy, spooky, bloodcurdling, devilish, chillingly fantastic Halloween!

*We cannot guarantee that the number plate you purchase will actually be haunted. But it might be.