Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo

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Arguably one of the top players in the world at the moment, Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo turns 29 today and despite coming to a mature age in his career he is on top form.

After starting his professional career at Portuguese club Sporting he was spotted by Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson who later signed him. It was here that he really came into his own and after 6 years at the club he was signed by European giants Real Madrid where he is still playing today. You could talk about his footballing career all day however what many people don’t know a lot about is his private life due to the fact that he really doesn’t enjoy being too much in the public eye.

After winning a liable case against a tabloid newspaper in 2008 he donated his entire damages to a hospital in Maderia, which saved his mother’s life following cancer. He has also fund raised to help with the damages caused by the Tsunami in Indonesia after seeing footage of the devastation. He has also funded schools in Gaza, FIFA’s ’11 For Health’ organisation, which campaigns for children’s health as well as educating them on misuse of drugs and leading a healthy lifestyle. He was also named as ‘Save the Children’s’ Global Ambassador in 2013.

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