A personalised registration for me



We spend so much time and effort thinking of others, buying birthday gifts, Christmas presents, Valentines surprises, anniversary gifts and even Easter gifts. Granted most of our wages go on bills, groceries and daily living but the fact is we spend very little of our own hard earned money on ourselves. When was the last time you treated yourself to something new or even took yourself out for the day on a spending spree? Not just buying yourself a new suit or outfit for a wedding but instead on a whim just decided to buy yourself something nice. Most people would probably say ‘I can’t remember’ in answer to that question.

There doesn’t have to be a national ‘me’ day in order to treat yourself and you shouldn’t need permission to spend your own money. One way you could treat yourself is by updating your vehicle with a new personalised registration. It doesn’t have to break the bank either as you will find many registrations with Speedy Reg from as little as £40.00 plus the VAT and DVLA fees.

For more specific personalised registrations you will pay that little bit more especially if you want a registration that suits your name. For example if your name is Joe Smith a perfect registration for you would be JOE 7S, which would set you back £12,500 plus the VAT and fees however if you haven’t got that much money to spend you could go for SM02 JOE at £594 plus VAT and fees.

On the cheaper end of the scale you can get private registrations from just £40.00 for example RIG 3822, which is an excellent registration for the name Rigg, Rigby or Rigall.

If you know a little French or are a French fanatic why not get a registration for ‘you’ the MOI combination, which translates to ‘me’ in French is an excellent choice for anyone who likes something a little bit more quirky. MOI 1595 for example would be a nice little investment at £750 plus VAT plus Transfer Fee.

If you have the perfect registration in mind but are unsure of how the system works, dont let this put you off treating yourself. Our sales team are always on hand to answer your questions and upon purchase of any registration they will discuss the transfer procedure with you. Let us take care of the paperwork on your behalf and you will have your brand new registration in no time at all.