Top Ten Advantages of Owning a Personalised Registration


advantages of owing a personalised registration

advantages of owing a personalised registration

Your car will look super cool!

You have to admit, private plates just look fab. When it comes down to it, most people who choose to have a personalised registration do so for no real reason at all, just because it looks good and it makes them smile.

You can hide the age of your older vehicle

Choose a dateless plate and no will know how old your car is. Perfect if you want to disguise the age of your vehicle. Our dateless plates start from just £40 so they’re also very cheap.

It’s a great way to advertise

If you’re a small business owner, advertising can be expensive. Put an advert in a magazine or newspaper and it’s soon been resigned to the recycle bin. A private plate on your vehicle will last forever. Private plates stand out and people notice them. Choose one that’s apt for your business such as VET or perhaps BUN for a bakery and you’ve got a very cost effective advert with you wherever you go.

They could make you a tidy profit

Private plates are well known for keeping their value and often increase in value. Many people even buy them purposely as an investment. Buy a private plate and your money is safe. When you sell, you can recoup your costs and even make a profit.

Your kids will be able to spot your car

It might sound silly, but little ones can easily pick out the wrong car when they’re looking for you to pick them up from school. However, if you tell them to always check the plate says MUM on it or whatever before getting in, then it’s another small way to help keep them safe.

It’s a great way to express your personality

You express your personality in so many ways. In the way you dress, in your choice of hobbies or favourite music, but cars can be so dull. Other than choosing from a handful of colours, it’s hard to really have any influence on how your car looks. A private plate gives you the opportunity to put your personal stamp on your motor.

It adds value to your car

Sell your car with a private registration plate and you’ll get a better price for it than with a standard plate. If someone thinks your plate is just right for them, you could walk away with a much higher price for your vehicle overall.

You’ll never forget your registration again

How many times have you been asked for your registration and forgotten it? Or had to fill out a form that requires it and your mind has gone blank. If your name is Bob, you’ll never forget your registration if its BOB 3 will you?
It’s truly unique

A number plate is the ultimate one of a kind purchase. It’s a great feeling when you’ve picked out a plate that perfectly suits you, knowing that no else in the whole world will have that same plate.
It can make it easier to sell your car

If you decide to sell your car with the number plate on it, it will stand out in the advertisements. It also gives the impression of a well looked after vehicle. If someone loves their car enough to get a private plate for it, then chances are they will have taken care of the car too, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

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