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Speedyreg is currently selling the Ultimate NAT 1G, which would be perfect for all the Natalie’s with a surname beginning with G. Finding your perfect registration can be a little time consuming, however if your name is Natalie and your surname begins with the letter G then your search maybe finally over.

The name Natalie is of Latin origin, and it means Birthday, as it refers to the Birth of Christ. The “h” is silent in the French form of Nathalie. The registration NAT 1G would be an excellent choice of personalised for the Russain Canadian Miss Universe 2005 beauty queen, Natalie Glebova. Glebova was born in Tuapse, Russian SFSR,Soviet Union. She studied classical piano and graduated from a professional musical school at age of 12. She also has won various regional rhythmic gymnastics championships. She immigrated toToronto,Canada together with her parents at the age of 13.

NAT 1G would also be an excellent choice of personalised registration for Natalie Grant. Natalie Grant is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music. Her work has gained prominence, including four consecutive Dove Awards for best female artist, and with her signature song, Held.

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