Strange Days Out

Number Plates

With the weather taking a turn for the better, it’s great to get out in the car for a family day out, but do you find yourself returning to the same places over and over again? If you’re bored of the beach and fed up with theme parks, here are some suggestions for days out that are a little out of the ordinary…

The Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester gives you an insight into the world of sewage! It’ll make the kids laugh, but they’ll also learn about the voyage of our waste from toilet to sewage works.

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Most children have played with marbles at some time, these iconic glass balls have their own museum, House of Marbles in Devon. You’ll see rare and antique marbles, and you can even join in playing with the marble runs! The museum is part of a working factory making marbles and board games, so you’ll get to see marbles being made too!

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For a real trip to another world, a visit to The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire is a must. A veritable wonderland of magic and mystery with a surprise round every corner.

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