Lucky horoscope number plates

Number Plates

If you’re into astrology, how about a personalised number plate that represents your star sign? It might just be lucky for you!

Let’s have a look at some ideas for astrological plates. If you’re a Gemini, we have plenty of GEM plates such as GEM 1P or T9 GEM. Of course, being the twins, you’ll probably want to buy both.

If you’re a generous, warm-hearted Leo, you might want to treat someone else to a plate, but if you do decide to treat yourself for once, then how about LEO 13 or F3 LEO.

Impulsive Scorpio can snap up a plate right now, they won’t have any trouble choosing a plate. A SCO plate could be a good choice! Nervous Virgos don’t need to worry as you’re in safe hands with Speedy Reg; just give us a call and we’ll help you to find your perfect plate. If you’re a Taurus, then you may have a tendency to be jealous, but you don’t need to be jealous of anyone else’s personalised plates, even if you’re on a tight budget, as you could pick up a TAU plate for just £199.

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